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Its not unusual

There is nothing wrong with feeling morbid occasionally everyone everyone's mood swings a little day by day and even hour by hour.Were not robots that remain the same. If you are really down for a long time (2 weeks or more) and think about suicide then you need some help and call your GP. I think about different situations and how lucky I am.I have meniere's disease, COPD, and prostate cancer, but that is a lot better than my brother who died a millionaire 14 years ago of a brain tumor. All the money in the world could not save him..I am 83 and have a bit of a balance problem but I walk better than a lot of folks in their 70.s.. A good wife and friends and a hobby that gets me out with friends and makes me use my brain.

The old saying "count your blessings " is a good daily exercise just sit quietly for 5 minutes each day and count them.

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First, let me offer my condolences on the loss of your brother. I do agree with what you have posted, I too count my blessings daily that I am still here with my husband, my children, and my grandchildren.

Almost 5 years ago I had what was supposed to be fairly easy surgery for diverticulitis. One of the inside stitches let go I went septic and almost died. Emergency surgery to repair the hole and a temporary colostomy bag. Six months later while getting ready for the surgery to reverse the colostomy, a chest x-ray showed a small spot on my lung, and damage from emphysema. Two months later I had surgery to remove the upper left lobe. That 1 "spot" had quickly developed into 2 tumors but hadn't had enough time to spread outside that lobe. I was told I was stage 2 squamous cell lung cancer, but they were able to remove all the cancer.

If my diverticulitis surgery hadn't gone south, the cancer would never have been found until it had spread.

I am now 60 and have mild emphysema, but still cancer free. I count my blessings every day.


So pleased that you sound positive after all you have been through..I have inherited my mothers genes hence the prostate cancer (I know she did not have a prostate) Aged 50 she had a radical mastectomy, 2 years later a lump removed from her other breast.,2 years later a lump at the base of her spine and early radiography, oh i forgot a gaul bladder removed somewhere in the middle of all that. She used to say I will buy you this I won,t be here next year!.. She lived to be 97 though sadly demented for the last few years.

She took anti depressants all that time

Somewhere on here someone told of the harm anti-depressants did and could kill you..There is a place for them if you have reached desperation point but not long and pleased don't be put off if your desperate and have tried every other avenue. I never liked signing section 3 papers for ECT and remember asking to do a joint visit with the GP. The consultant had asked me to assess having tried all the antidepressants and ECT was the only option left. The GPassured me that I was looking at a different lady before admission when she was she was bright and enjoyed life and her grandchildren, she had been on anti-depressants for years and they had stopped working. I reluctantly agreed she should be given ECT she was too ill to give permission. I had to eat my words when 3 weeks later when i said goodbye to her. She had a smile on her face and a photograph of her grandchildren in her hand,one was getting married and she was going out to buy a new dress for the wedding,

Getting tired hope this makes sense


It makes sense to me.

I got my arthritis from my Mom, the emphysema from every adult in my life growing up (my oncologist told me that the emphysema was a given even if I had never smoked just because of all the second hand smoke). I was a smoker, quit about 16 years ago. My PC thinks the lung cancer was from exposure to radon.

Oh, I forgot to mention the surgeon who could not sew to save his life, also left me with 2 hernias, 1 small and 1 large. I had to have my gaul bladder removed, then both hernias were fixed. I really lucked out that I was able to see a surgeon who was able to repair the large hernia.

The fact that my old surgeon almost killed me irritates the crap out of me, but his ineptitude in the long run, saved my life.

We all get tired, what matters is that we don't give up, we don't quit, we find the strength to keep moving forward.


Thank you you have motivated me 👍


Great I have two saying as well.. Plan like you will live forever and live like your going to die tomorrow and remember life is a sexually transmitted terminal illness.

My wife has a great saying when something has gone wrong "no one has died "

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I agree, live each day as if it were your last. I like what your wife says, I will have to try to remember that one. :)


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