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Care home

Mom has been in care home for 6 days now and she loves all the care & attention she is getting. She is looking a lot brighter & has made some new friends. I now know I made the right decision & chose the right care home for her it is a small 14 bed & the residents & carers are all happy. Mom can now live out her days in comfort & the knowledge she is getting the right care . Thanks to all for the support you gave me on this site love & best wishes to you all. Jan xx

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having the attention is nice.


I'm so happy for you & your mom. It's got to be good for her being around others & her needs being met. And you must have a sense of peace & comfort knowing you made the right decision. Take care of yourself & enjoy your time with your mom too... a nice balance! Terri

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Thank you Terri xx


Were is it and what is the cost usually they are very expense?


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