Spasm and such pain

I have emphysema I've has for sometime now but lately it's horrible I'm on trilogy machine and oxygen suppose to be at all times last night which is often while turning in bed I got a bad one and pressed down on it without releasing hoping it would help while on machine and suddenly all this air expelled from my lung through my mouth and for a minute or so I felt faint but pain left it did leave me weak. The doctors don't say much I guess because I have opted no tubes no for my bp. Runs high and lately drops low the lung doctor says any day he expects a heart attack or stroke I hope I don't pull through I don't mean to sound bad but ready to go. Has anyone had this happen to them by pressing on the knotted runs from my ribs and back to now down sides of my abdomen. And I have no person or persons for support

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  • I feel for you be positive I had a stroke I was told I wouldn't walk for 3. Years a it was only 2 weeks I was shocked I'm stubborn and hard headed I wouldn't let no one do nothing for me I drop a lot if thing I'm glad my glasses r plastic but I did it bless u

  • Every day something else.have you ever heard of Pressing o. The cramping balled up area and expelling air from your lunG

    I wonder if machine up to high sinxe reading some comments

  • It's hard to think positive with no family support those I have helped have shocked me with this especially the ones I truly love.i fall trying to drag groceries and breathless with tank and cane ans left to do best i can by neighbors who I have tried to help when they were in need.i. really discouraged . The reason I am here.

  • I pray someone comes your way to help you in the many areas that you need them. Are there some social workers or organizations in your area that might could be of service to you. Ask your doctor if he could suggest something or someone to help you get your needs met.

  • I pretty much get ignored by him this is the first time I have known why my arms and hands hurt so is finding out here je tells me to take hot shower.i don't know about social worker I haven't a clue how so that.he did give me a written paper that I need to stay in handicap apt and note that I need closer park area because carrying everything has became impossible but landlord though promiaed to make me a sign for reserve for handicap hasn't done so. And I'm new to area well two yrs I don't get out much ans can't seem to find apt I can afford with laundry but thank you for prayers and prayers for you.

  • I am sorry you are having thsee issues, if I could I would help we could scoot to gather. Bless you

  • Are you in wheel chair yet. I start out straight as a stick then two mins i can barely walk and ih what pain im so afraid doc will take ny drivers license iam having severe spasms now. He wrote order for someone ti come help but then im told social security doesnt pay a dime. Im so stressed and i think it makes things worse i eas told the pain is the fiber myalga however u spell and could be where i had severe polio as child

  • I don't know what I'm doing here it's all came on so fast. First the arthritis ans unable to walk for maths with legs that looked like kegs and now this. My lung function before getting worse was tested 35 percent and I've went down hill fast. I guess talk to my primary doc. But he Seems to ignore me. And bone doc has me on steroids breathing doc disagree with this but puts me on higher amount pill fr breathing plus theophylline and the neb and three inhalers then tells me to expect stroke or heart Attack any day ans bone fractures. I'm just over whemed and don't know whwde to ask for help. I will try the doc. Again and see. Am I the only one who has spells that I get confused or slow to think

  • Sorry you have to go through this alone, I suggest you call your local senior center and ask them for help. I know that mind has programs available to help me with shopping and doing light house work. As for the cramps it sounds like you are dehydrated and low in magnesium. Doctor told me to drink a glass of tonic water daily which has quinine in it for the cramps, so far it's working. If you have a church you used to attend I would call the pastor and ask for visits, the church could also help you out. Don't give up, you can do this. Keep us posted. I will keep you in prayer.

  • I will do the same to try and help

  • Check with senior and disabled, it's usually a part of dept. of human services, call 211 most states it reaches referral service for help

  • Thank you I will try that it's the shopping that gets me by time I walk all over store I can barely drive home I bought me a little cart at Aldi's and it helps some but I have to rest long time before able to put things away and it kills my back ans arms with the arthritis I have three. At night I dread sleep waking up head ache night sweats and times confused time of day or very forgetful does anyone else have this spells and when I'm having hard time breathing I'm anxious ans hateful I hate that I try not to be I'm usually helpful. Always volunteered my time worked two jobs to support my kids and always stopped to help stranger who looked in need

  • I'm alone now all the time sometimes just the sound of someone's voice other than TV sounds odd because it's been so long I do have a precious little dog who I can tell I'm at my worst when she starts acting odd she is my best friend

  • It's ok if you have to take things slow. Think of it as stopping to smell the roses! DON'T OVERWHELM yourself w/all these negative thoughts. Starting out it does look like a big task, but write things down that you would like to happen and celebrate the achievements you make no matter how great or small. Take time to do breathing exercising to help calm your emotions as well as help breathing period. Even though alot of things challenge you, right now. You do have some things to be thankful for. Perhaps, write down those things and things that would make you happy. And your To-Do-List I agree, ought to include a church family/pastor and senior center, FOR STARTERS!!

  • Tha.nk you

    Yes at this point one day at a time one hour really

    Why does my bone doc say my muxles are deteriorating. Is this emphysema. I can barely walk and such pain also have kidney Stones is that part if it doctor doesn't tell me a thing

  • What kind of pain do you have and where? I've had chronic pain for over 24 yrs. COPD for ten. I don't know which pain is from what. I have lots of pain in my ribs and abdomen, esp pelvic. Any input is appreciated.

  • The copd is the ribs and ribs in back and down lower adb. I dis t know what it was fir years. I just tolerated. It feels like labor pains. I also have pain in my arms ans hands i found out here its the copd.

  • Ty for sharing. I have alot of abdomen pain as well as arm and hands. I believe that the hand pain is arthritis. The arms get knots and feel bruised.

    Again, thank you.

  • I know that we learn as we go through this disease , it's not easy for anyone to go through this alone I wouldn't know what to do if it were me , I try and know that there are a lot of people out there who never get a chance at life and are in much worst shape health wise then me , I was nocomplant for years after being told I had COPD , was told to use oxygen 24/7 @3 lpm. But wouldn't listen , just used at night , well it worked until I got sicker , in May of last year I had polumary failure and ended up in the hospital for three months my oxygen went into the sixties and I had to be vented and placed in a induced coma for six weeks no one thought I would live after three different hospitals and rehab for six eeeks I was able to come home , but things are very different now I live with my wife and if it weren't for her I don't know what I would do , I feel for u , and know how hard it must be , some days it's just so boring knowing I have a Harley in the garage and a Mustang which I haven't driven but once a lone since I was home , don't want to be seen with this oxygen in my nose and hate not being able to walk far with out help, I'm on six lpm now and also on trilogy at night to keep the carbon down it has worked well , set ups are tuff , I hope u know to much oxygen can cause problems to when u hook your oxygen up at night try different settings see if it helps lower the oxygen one to two lpm I do this u need less at night to much causes oxygen stacking with causes carbon build up and may be the source of the pain u are feeling I also use a humidifier some times , but lately just on my oxygen then into itrilogy or heated water but whatever u do talk to the Dr. First but I just do it and it help me , hope all works

  • Im sp sorey for you a d anyone who has this.i cant walk far at all dor some reason my lower back is weak and my legs give way plus cant breath.the trilogy machine was going off evrynite and thy turned up to 4 that has hekped but here i go again with the perfuse sweating wheb i try to sleep which is only two y hours at a time

    I know from that om gping to need predisone upped

    I met a lady a few weeks ago we hit it off as friends she likes to go go but i dont think she unserstands i cant to much and im im bed for days.i looked at one od my docs the other day and told him im going down fast i dont have long do i doc. He just dropped his head.i hope my new friend wotks out. All mynother friends have pasaed way at young fifty eight.

  • Bless you. I have opt no cpr no tubes no ivs but for meds im ready to fo to our real home

  • I never heard of Trilogy machine. What is it and do you use it in later stages>

  • Its suppose to be better for copd taking co2 out. Ive never been told mystage i say three. Fast on four.

  • Im td it takea the co2 out it does go off if my lungs are to tight amd nees nen treatment it suppose to be better than cpap

  • I suffer from muscle spasms and cramping alot. I thought it was do to dehydration but it hasn't got better.I mainly get get the spasm in my trunk area especially under my rib cage. Other than changing positions multiple time or pressing on them I haven't found any other ways to keep them from happening. I have asked my doctor but she doesn't seem to be concerned. but she isn't a lung doc. wish I could give u helpful information.

  • You should see a lung dox for sure

  • My doctors have lut me on muacle relaxers whixh help some not much but not as harsh need for sure a lung doctor no other way

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