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Feel so let down 👇

Been home from hospital 9 days, got re-enablement team coming in mornings, I can wash & dress myself but my carer doesn't cum in til midday so ladies have been making me hot drink 2 take my meds, bit toast & emptying my commode as I have poor mobility due 2 osteo arthritis in my legs as well as big flare up of c.o.p.d, Anyway, head office(who are not health professionals told 1 of the team 2 tell me after 9 days that they wanted me 2 start going thru 2 kitchen & help with breakfast on my sticks or wheel in my chair so they can see I'm helping myself or else basically they're pulling my care........i was shocked, didn't sleep, told my pulmonary team who came 2 my home & checked my stats & watched me do my daily walk slowly round my room that I increase bit by bit in my own time 5-6 times a day & they were happy with my progress which put my mind bit at rest & they said if that's their criteria & they need 2 get me off their books & another client in then so be it.So I now need 2 get a flask made night b4 so I got hot drink in morning & sum crackers or flapjacks in my room so I eat b4 midday & get commode emptied at dinnertimes ! Looking at positive re-enablement team from tricuro in Dorset obviously think I don't need the help so I shall continue my recovery without their support, even tho I thought I was entitled 2 six weeks support I will muddle on without, even tho I can't walk more than 6-7 steps without getting breathless, thank u 4 reading my saga & god bless us all x belzy x

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@grandma25 thank u 4 ur good advice x belzy x

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@grandma25 thank u 4 ur advice re.probiotics, I hav heard this b4 at moment it is money, £25 online 4 deterra oils, all different flavours so I need 2 suss out best 4 me which could cost, out of my sickness benefits that r thinly spread as it is, but I think I should try sum, thank u again x belzy x


@grandma25. thank u x belzy x


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