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Hi Dogbot here I am on the liver transplant list but also the doctors are talking about a reversal for my stoma bag , now I think I will ask them to wait for my reversal because I have heard that it’s not an easy recovery and I don’t want to put off my Trasplant. Is there anyone that has had a reasonable reversal because I have heard nothing but pain and anguish for about two years after the reversal???

Stay Safe All

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Hi Dogbot - I only wanted to say hi as such a surprise to find someone in a similar position to me. Mine happened the other way round. I had a liver TP about 2 years ago and then 6 months ago needed an emergency bowel surgery to remove my large bowel as I had perforations and peritonitis.

I've been told that I have no option with a reversal so stuck with my stoma for life now. If you are on the active transplant list I would just deal with that for now - livers are hard to match and you need to be in the best of health when you are called. If you had recent surgery to reverse your stoma then that would likely exclude you from being called for TP for some time.

I assume both your specialists are aware of your position. I’m surprised your colorectal consultants are considering surgery whist you are on the TP list.

The liver TP is no walk in the park but probably most important aspect of your life rather than reversing your ileostomy. I’d say focus on the liver issues and once you have recovered from that, then see about the reversal.

I have to say that balancing life post TP and now the stoma is more challenging - food especially plus the cocktail of drugs you will end up on. I hope you get your call soon and that it all goes smoothly - which TP centre are you going to go to? Mine was done at Kings.

Stay safe and look after yourself - Peter

Hi Peter thanks for the reply I am under Kings as well, yes both my consultants have said liver TP first then reversal of Stoma. Sorry to hear you have been through the mill and no chance of reversal but with all the trousers and underwear I have found it not to bad. At least when the pubs open I can look fairly good when going for a meal.👍

Stay Safe All

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Great to hear your under Kings - they are very good at least from a TP viewpoint.

I’m new to having a stoma - you mention trousers and underwear - do you have some recommendations? I’m so pleased to be working from home at the moment as really struggle to find suitable clothing, any recommendations would be great.

Thanks - Peter

Hi Peter I will get on to my wife and try and send you some links. I’m afraid I have been rushed into hospital again and no visitors my bilirubin has gone through the roof I’m back to being Homer Simson again 🙈

Hi - sorry to hear your back in hospital. That’s no fun being like Homer Simson and I bet you feel rough with it too. Hopefully they will get it all under control again and you’ll soon be back home.

I wish you all the very best and that you feel better soon - Peter

Thanks 👍

Stay Safe All

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Just saying hi and I hope your back home. How are you, have they resolved your bilirubin issue? Hopefully it was something straightforward and you are back to your usual self.

All the very best - Peter

Hi Peter I’m in Kings College now I hope 🤞 home tomorrow, still keeping happy with good people and as I said home tomorrow, will talk more then 😀.

Stay Safe All

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Hi Dogbot - hopefully this message finds you back home. Are you all fixed or at least patched up for now - did they find the cause of your raised bilirubin levels?

I hope you feeling better now and able to get back to a normal life - we can chat more later once you are feeling better - Peter

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