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Parastomal Hernia Repair


I have a medium to large parastomal hernia which has been causing partial blockages and pain. I have decided to have a parastomal hernia repair and booked a date for the operation. I just wish to know what the after effects are. Does the stoma get smaller and cause leakages. Do I get pain in the long run? How long prior to complete recovery and normal life? Do you get blockages after the surgery?

I shall appreciate some suggestions and answers

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I'm sorry I am not familiar with this subject yet as I only came out of hospital 5 weeks ago.I hope all goes well with your operation. Have you been issued with a hernia belt yet?

Sorry to hear your parastomal hernia has been causing partial blockages and pain. I had my surgery around April 2016 and not long after developed a parastomal hernia. When I spoke with my stoma nurse she said that a hernia developing after surgery was not uncommon. In my case, she suggested the repair would probably involve moving the stoma to the other side and said they could not guarantee that I wouldn’t develop a hernia on the other side. She suggested that unless the hernia was giving any problems then it would probably be best to leave as is, I do use a support belt and so far, all is OK. You need to talk to your surgeon to establish exactly what will be done. I hope all goes well with your surgery, keep us posted on how you get on.

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