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Living with a Stoma
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Toilet habits

Hello everyone

I have had an ileostomy since March 2017 following surgery for rectal cancer

Everything was going ok until just before Christmas when I got a bit of diarrhoea. It cleared up but has come back today. Have a constant pain in my bum also. Sorry to talk about things like this but has anyone got any advice?

If I say anything to family and friends they will just panic and tell me to go to hospital or Doctors.

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Hi, I have a colostomy following a surgical error during a op to remove my gall bladder. I also started having pain and pressure in my bottom. It is caused by a build up of mucus. I use a glycerine suppository once a week,this really helps. My gp recommended doing this. Give it a try it should help. Kerry xx

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Thank you I will try

Difficult to talk other than people in same situation


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