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I’m curious to know if any of my fellow ostomates manage to sleep on their sides? If so, any top tips? I generally struggle with leakage due to a retracted Stoma & pancreatic insufficiency which means o find it difficult to break food down when I digest it. I manage this with convex rings & Sensure Mio pouches, along with paste & adhesive wipes. I really think I have the best products having tried just about everything! Hoping to get a more restful nights sleep!

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Hi. I too used to suffer from leakage until earlier this year I started using the SenSura Mio bags with convex plate and sleeping with a full body length pillow alongside me to give some support to my tum and the pouch when lying on my side. Might be worth trying an ordinary pillow to start with to see if it helps.


Thanks Numi, I’ll give it a try :-)


Hi, I've had my stoma for a good while now. Im a ileostomate. Also use convex wafers. Hollister 2 piece which has an additional sticky tape around the out edge. Sleeping has not been to much of an issue. I've had the occasional leak but because I tried to squeeze an extra day out my appliance and eating too late at night. I have supporting underwear which have pouches that support rather than press down onto the bag. I use a belt attached to the bag from time to time too.

I use a thicker to stiffen up the out put. My biggest problem is the smell. I'd be delighted to take a tablet with my food which has a neutralise effect. I'm used to it but it my wife and children who suffer.

Good luck regards B

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Thanks B


Many suppliers have a variety of deodorants some in spray form, since useing one in my pouch I don't have that problem colorplast, pelican, convactec all have them.


I had surgery in Jan 2018 and been sleeping on side about a week. Ive invested in one long sausge pillows or an ordinary will do. Put pillow between your knees so it brings the knee in line with your hip . Its stops the bag from pulling as fills up during the night. The adhesive so strong on Coloplast bags i was provided with a solvent spray to take the bag off. Up to now leaks or any problems with these bags infact theyve made coping with my dtoma so much easier.


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