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Hi, does anyone have any advise about swim wraps for men. My hubby had a permanent colostomy, aka Colin, after surgery for bowel cancer in September of last year. I've looked on the web and can't find any UK sellers. Has anyone used one, got any advise about sizes, where to buy them etc. Hubby has had a rotten year and is definitely not friends with "Colin". He has talked about going on holiday which would do him the world of good, he loves the sun,swimming, diving and throwing himself off,in,down or on things (52 year old adrenaline junky) but I know he's worried about how he will still be able to do holidaying. Also has anybody got any advise on underwear liners for men to help with mucus discharge. He didn't need to have his bottom sealed but has been left with constant leakage. At the mo he using some dry wipes inbetween his cheeks, I was wondering if there was a better solution. Sorry to be so demanding for advise and thankyou in advance. Cheryth X

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I have just recently bought a swim wrap from Ostomy Secrets see web site; On this site, there was a special offer and I used a promo code NEWYEAR-50 which gave a price reduction of 50%, not sure if the offer has expired yet but worth a try. Alternatively if this has expired you can sign up for their newsletter first and they will give you a code for 20% off your first order. Sizing can be a bit of a problem but the site offers a sizing guide . I have a hernia so I wanted a wrap that would hold things moderately firmly and I wanted to get something that would hold the bag in place while in the pool as I am not very confident about immersing the bag in water and it staying in place without leaks. My wrap arrived this week but I have not I had the confidence to try it swimming yet, but hopefully in the next few days. I have also found the wrap useful for those ‘intimate’ moments with my wife as the wrap stops my bag flopping about and generally making me feel uncomfortable.

Because my stoma is quite high I need trunks with a high waist line and I bought a pair from and there is an option to get product from this supplier VAT free.

There are numerous website that can help which I have listed a couple, there are also some interesting Youtube video’s out there;

I have been following ‘Eric’ in Canada on which often has some interesting reviews, I am not a Vegetarian or Vegan nor intend to be but some of the products he reviews are interesting and some are available in the UK and on prescription apparently. I was particularly interested in the Trio Pearls video and have sent off for some samples.

Another site you may find useful is It is worth watching the video to see if the product is suitable and the product benefits. I understand that it is not currently available on prescription but I understand from Brendan that an application has been made to the NHS to have the product added to the prescription list. I mostly use the baseplate and keyhole cover and I use the Cover when gardening or doing things that have a higher risk on bumping my stoma. I have been using the product since July last year and in that time I have only had two leaks and in both cases it was entirely my own fault being careless and letting my bag fill up much too much and there was nowhere for my output to go! Not going to happen again in a hurry.

At the end of the day you have to find what suits your husband, what I feel comfortable with might not feel good for him. There is quite a lot out there and it is just a matter of tracking it down which can be time consuming.

I hope you find the above useful. Feel free to message me if you want anything further.


For some reason the first link in my reply does not seem to be working, try this


Also found this today as I was looking through various websites.

This video seems to reinforce my selection of the ostomysecrets wrap but in the UK it is only available in black. On the overseas site they have flesh, white & black.


for the leaking bum, let him know to try ladies pads. beat doubling the drawers and going thru 5+ pair a day. good luck!


Go to website Osteomate . Very good products . I know they do a full range AND swimsuits too that could help you . They have an office down in Dorset . Not sure where you are but they have very helpful staff .


Hi following up on my earlier posts, I have now been swimming twice with my wrap from Ostomysecrets. Worked well so I am now getting back to my twice weekly swim programme. I hope this can give you and your husband a little reassurance.


Hi. Just joined this community. Hope things are settling down now. I had an ileostomy formed 9 years ago and enjoy a very active lifestyle at age 68 despite also having heart bypass surgery 18 months ago. Good solution for swimming these days is a "rash vest". These are used by surfers to avoid rashes from Board on skin. Don't look like a medical appliance. Google rash vest on Sports Direct website and you will find a reasonably priced selection. Good to protect skin from overexposure to sun as well.


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