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Is this colon cancer

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ok, I'm honestly frustrated and looking for advice. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. I am 29 years old. A few weeks back I started to feel a pressure in my butt, such as I would go pee, and would feel a pressure in my butt, or after I poop, it feels like I have some leftover in my rectum. Every morning upon waking I have an urgent need to have a bowel movement. almost around the same time every morning.. I started taking a fiber supplement every day and that has made my first stool normal, but there is either mushy poop leftover in my rectum or hard little pellets. This is gross, But I had to pick out the pieces and then I noticed mucous with blood in the mucous. I've brought it up to my doctor and he insists hemmorhoids without even checking that it is hemmorhoids. I used a qtip to check if the bleeding stopped after it happened, but when i strain the bleeding starts again. it is very minimal but I am worried regardless. there were 2 other times in my pregnancy when I had blood. once it was a spot in my underwear without a bowel movement and the second time it was bright pink on the toilet paper after I had a bowel movement. so my question, should I advocate for myself harder and i insist on testing or just assume this is a normal case of hemmorhoids? I appreciate any advice as I am soon to be a mom of 3 and quite frankly can't imagine leaving them. please help.

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Hey, I am in the same position as you but I have been having this bleeding well before I found out I was pregnant. Currently I’m 24 weeks pregnant and petrified also have health anxiety which doesn’t help the situation. I have had dark blood with mucas though and we all know dark blood isn’t good. I have been referred to a colorectal surgeon but he wants be to wait till the baby’s born which makes me even more anxious and scared every single day. I would advice you to push harder and they should atleast be able to see the hemorrhoid if his saying hemorrhoids are causing it, no point diagnosing without actually seeing.

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to Jazzy1990

I'm so sorry to hear that.. its very frustrating because it seems like nobody wants to investigate further simply because I'm pregnant. I have health anxiety too, so I know how you feel. I always think the worst and jump to the worst case scenario. Do you have any other symptoms besides the bleeding? did they check you for hemorrhoids already? we have to stay strong for our babies!

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It’s actually so sad that cause we’re pregnant they won’t do anything else. I do have hemorrhoids and i I know what the bleeding from that looks like it’s usually bright and the blood texture is the same as when you cut your finger so I know this blood isn’t coming from a hemorrhoid cause this blood is maroon and mucasy. My only symptom is this blood and a slight feeling like there’s something there on one side of my anus. Yes we must stay strong for our babies, I’m hoping all this anxiety isn’t affecting the LO.

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to Jazzy1990

well please keep me updated on your situation. im thinking of going to my GP in another week and bringing up all my symptoms and asking for a referral so I can at least get the ball rolling.

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Mommy_of_2

Will keep you updated. If yours just happens occasionally it might just be a fissure or hemorrhoid? Mine is a everyday thing and it’s driving me insane.

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Hello Mommy_of_2: Thank you for sharing with us and I'm sorry to read what you are going through. It can be very upsetting to be dismissed by your doctor, without them checking. Yes, it very well could be hemmeroids, that is very common in pregnancy. However, it is important to get it checked out. In the colorectal cancer community I have heard from countless women who told their doctor of symptoms and they were dismissed because they were either currently pregnant, or had just had a baby.

I say this not to upset you but to say that it is important to get it checked out by a doctor who can examine you. They may minimally do a digital exam of your rectum, which they will only have visibility to see the anal and rectal areas. Or they may opt to do a flexible sigmoidoscopy which will give visisibility further. The only way for a doctor to be able to see your entire colon would be a colonoscopy.

Even if it is only a digital examination of your rectal area, I would still advise it.

There may be other tests that doctors would wait until after you've given birth, but at a minimum, I would recommend that you get an examination.

Please keep us posted and if you have any more quetsions don't hestitate to post them here.

We're here for you and thinking of you - good luck on becoming a mom X three!!!!

~Nicole @ GCCA

I had the pressure feeling in my butt for weeks and the doc said Hemmeroids. Eventually the pressure went away and then it randomly came back so I went back to the doc and she said Hemmeroids but would send me for a colonoscopy anyways because there was some blood as well and because my anxiety was through the roof. So I got my colonoscopy and there was a Hemmeroid and also loose skin from a previous Hemmeroid from when I was pregnant. So I want to just let you know that the pressure feeling and the blood could very well be a Hemmeroid. Those were my symptoms and I pushed to get a colonoscopy so it’s never wrong to ask for further investigation. I still get the pressure feeling and sometimes it happens from working out. So I think tight pelvis muscles cause that pressure feeling as well. The pregnancy probably doesn’t help with poops either. I remember being constipated while pregnant. Constipation and straining and pregnancy pressure are all causes for Hemmeroids. Pregnancy and Hemmeroids go hand in hand. Hope this eases your mind a bit. But I understand how you need answers based on testing. I am the same way. Once you give birth I am sure the docs will see the Hemmeroids and they will probably get worse from pushing.

thank you so much for this! I keep trying to think back to the beginning of my pregnancy, and I dont think I felt as much pressure, if any at times. so it very well could be what you described, which is a relief. did you get any testing done while pregnant or did you wait until after the pregnancy? I'm debating if I should go to my GP now, or wait until after I give birth at the end of October.

I didn’t have the pressure while I was pregnant. I didn’t get Hemmeroids until giving birth but I have a friend who had terrible Hemmeroids while pregnant. But the pressure you feel in your butt is pressure I get too every so often. It’s what led me to getting a colonoscopy. Also had blood on the toilet paper.

I'm going to go to the doctors on Monday. I put in a suppository for hemmorhoids and a bit of blood and mucous came out with it the next time I went pee. im starting to freak out and think it isnt hemmorhoids.

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Mommy_of_2

I'm so glad you have an appointment scheduled. Are you seeing a general practitioner or a specialist? Really glad you were able to get an appointment so quickly. Please keep us posted, thanks.

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Abcats in reply to Mommy_of_2

How did things turn out for you? Hope all is well!

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to Abcats

I am currently getting a work up with a GI right now. I did blood work and have to submit a stool sample as well as a xray and ultrasound. He said I need a colonoscopy but it might take a bit due to covid :(

Can you able to do ct scan of stomach

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