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Terrified. Have symptoms of colon cancer

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Hi everyone,

I’m new here and just looking for some support. The last two weeks I’ve had occasional blood in my stool and sometimes in the toilet paper after wiping. I have a feeling as if something is stuck in my bum but nothing takes the pressure away. I have loose stools but also have gallbladder issues so not sure if it is related to this. I also have stomach cramps but again not sure if this is all related since it is also that time of the month for me. I feel incredibly scared and nervous. I’m so stressed out there’s days where all I do is cry because I’m just terrified that it’s colon cancer. My doctor thinks maybe it’s an internal hemorrhoid so he gave some rectal suppositories and it took away the burning and itching I have and temporarily the pressure in my rectum but now the pressure is back. I have asked my doctor for a colonoscopy but again I’m already terrified for the results.

Anyone out there with the same symptoms? If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer what were your symptoms? This all is making me so stressed out. I feel so scared.

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I had bowel cancer and I never knew a slight stomach ache and if you took a Panadol it went away. But I’m not sure but I think that if you can see red blood it’s not. My doctor said usually it’s black but to be sure go straight away have a exam and get full bloods done Mine came out from a bowel kit and I was operated 5 weeks later and that was 8 1/2 years ago I also had a colonoscopy done 1 week after the confirmation from the bowel kit. I had 40cms of my bowel taken and my appendix which was septic and 1 of my ovaries which was ulcerated the last too probably causing stomach ache. And I am fine. Don’t panic just go straight to the doctors. Good luck all the best. Don’t be scared the sooner you get on top of this the better.

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Hi Tracey, thank you for the reply and kind words. I’m happy that all is well for you now :) Hoping to have a colonoscopy very soon and just put this all behind me. The rectal pressure is what scares me the most. It’s like a constant reminder to me that something isn’t right. I spend so much of my time on google reading colon cancer symptoms and hearing people’s stories I’m just really scared.

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Hozai in reply to zmr_3

Kysm, I genuinly am the same. I have had consistent blood in my stool for over 3 years now on and off and am overwhelmed with anxiety about it being bowel cancer. I’ve seen doctors a bunch of times and each time they took blood tests, done checks and told me things are fine and I probably have painless hemerroids or gastric inflammation as the blood is triggered by certain foods. It’s really draining me all this worry as I’m always relating to the symptoms of colon cancer. Hopefully we can support eachother

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zmr_3 in reply to Hozai

Hi Hozai,

So glad I’m not alone in this felling of constant worry. Of course we can support each other. It’s nice to have someone that gets it. What’s weird for me is seems like most foods I eat trigger diarrhea. It’s not bloody just loose stools with some mucus at times which is scary. Have you had any other symptoms? Sounds like you’ve been going through this for a long time. Have you had a colonoscopy ?

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nieldy in reply to Hozai

Hi hozai, same with my mom she has been suffering with blood in stools for over a year she has external hemorroids but the doctor still recommended her to have colonoscopy to be sure where the blood really came.

I have not. What is that? Hoping to have a colonoscopy soon. Waiting to schedule with doctor

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debzone24 in reply to zmr_3

Fit test done to see if blood in bowel

Hi.. Im very scared to have it done too. Im praying u will be ok. Im praying im ok. I will put u on my church pray list.

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zmr_3 in reply to Lovemybody1

Thank to so much. That means a lot. I will also keep you in my prayers. May I ask what symptoms you are having? Have you scheduled a colonoscopy?

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Nina1983 in reply to zmr_3

How are your systems

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Can I ask what the result of your colonoscopy was? I have been having symptoms and my GP has confirmed hemorrhoids, but I can’t get into a GI to request a colonoscopy for six weeks as I am not an urgent patient. I refuse to go to the ER for urgent care in case it truly is just hemorrhoids. My GP doesn’t seem concerned, however, if I’ve learned anything reading everyone’s posts, it’s that most doctors miss a cancer diagnosis at first and that’s what weight so heavily on my mind. I can’t sleep, I cry all the time, and haven’t been able to eat. If I do it something small I get very loose stools - which just makes my anxiety worse. Thanks in advance!

I have been having some of the same symptoms and all I have been doing is crying. As soon as I made an appointment with the specialist, I feel like have a ton of new symptoms such as ribbon like stool, fatigue, nausea. I don’t know if it is all stress induced. I have barely been able to eat because I am so insanely stressed. I go to the doctor Tuesday and THEN may be able to get a colonoscopy figured out. I am just insanely terrified and can barely function.

You got into the doctor quick. That’s great. What did you find out?

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