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Colon cancer possible spread

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Stage 4 colon cancer, 10mths of treatment which was going so well and almost at the end . Now I have a new mass under my armpit. Can't anything go right

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I'm so sorry to hear the disease is aggressive, sometimes malignant cells can escape/resist chemo or can reform soon after it, it can happen.

Fortunately its not a risky spot (like in an organ) so it should be very treatable even with radiation (they will just zap it).

Give us more info and try to not give up hope (easier said than done I know).


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Nuttyrider in reply to Dalph87

Thank you. I have a scan booked with a biopsy. Gp is trying to be reassuring but has also said it could be a secondary cancer.

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Nuttyrider , I'm sorry to hear about this mass.

Has the oncologist confirmed that it is cancer?

Were you tolerating treatment well and were your tumors shrinking?

Not trying to be overly optimistic if that's not what you want to hear right now - but without all the facts, we're always going to hold out hope. And sometimes, even WITH all the facts, miracles do happen.

If you are up for sharing with us more details, we're here to listen.

Thinking of you,

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Nuttyrider in reply to Nicole_GCCA

My colon cancer was removed and the spread to my lungs was clear. So everyone was thrilled as my cancer seemed very sensitive to the chemotherapy.

Its only been a few weeks since they said they shouldn't need to see my till next scan

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Nuttyrider

Nuttyrider - please keep us updated when you can, we're thinking of you.

Would be good to find out if you have had your biomarker testing - that opens up what types of treatments could be most effective in attacking your cancer. is a website we created that has a lot of information about biomarkers.

Again, we're thinking of you.

~Nicole @ GCCA

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I’m sorry to hear about the new mass. I know it must be especially frustrating when you are so close to the end of your treatment. I hope you get good news about the mass, and that things take a turn for the better.

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I’m so sorry to hear this I will pray for you and hope everything turns out well for you

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I am sorty hearing about the new mass, but it would be rather an unusual spot for a secondary colon cancer. It can be an inflamed lymph node or a fat tissue. This is all very likely for immunocompromised patients with recent chemo! Wishing you all the best and successful + permanent recovery!

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Nuttyrider ,

Any news? We are thinking of you.

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Nuttyrider in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Not yet scan is on 3rd November. Mass has grown a little in last two weeks. Hopefully I will get some answers quickly after the scan

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