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Convinced I have Colon Cancer Very Depressed


In a dark place convinced I have colon cancer and can’t get checked because of the virus. All I do is google all day and can’t get through my day:/ 27 male

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Other than googling a condition you might not have what symptoms do you have? I am im my 5th year of the 5yrs free stage and from what you put in your post above I am reading depressed person who Google's this condition sorry if it seems harsh but you haven't put anything to say otherwise what are your symptoms and not the ones that Google has told you about?

Hi. I’m going through the same as you - feel free to message me

What are your symptoms and age?

I’ve just done a post actually explaining it all - if you could check it out and give me your input I’d love that

Where is your post andy

Should be able to search for it? When I click home it comes up? It says “terrified I have Bowel cancer or something”

Found it.. I have exactly the same it's like a thick mucus . Always on first but of stool and then blood on stool not in abd when I wipe. Blood only last month or so. Mucus since nov.been to disc regarding mucus and had bloods and stool test

..all normal

But I know it's not!!

My first stool test came back quite high but the most recent one was low which would suggest it could have not gone into remission properly as Blood came

On 4 days after I stopped steroid treatment

what are your symptoms..and ik its what alot of ppl do but the best thing to do is see a gastroenterologist and set things up from there

Here’s a post I put on reddit describing all of my symptoms :/

Hi me too, what are your symptoms?

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