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Worried amd confused

Hi everyone, this is all new to me but need a litle advice from normal people with complaint, iv already had endometriosis which has reapeared, had eptopic pregnancy, abdominal issues for years, visits to the drs left me baffled when only got treated for ibs, iv recently now been diagnosed with inflamatary bowel disease and im awaiting a investigation, im realy worried now as a freind has also had similar problems and is now bein treated for a large tumour,

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To get peace of mind, have a colonoscopy done especially if you have noticed any changes in your bowel movements. The colonoscopy is not that bad and is a good test for bowel cancer where symptoms don't show up till late. I had one done and a tumour was found and am scheduled for surgery in a few day's time. Keeping positive and busy is a good way of keeping worries at bay and just take one day/step at a time. All the best.


Thank you for your reply tofu888, im just waiting for the hospital appointment to arrive for the camera test which ever that may be, then i will no for sure, iv been suffering so much for so long it has become a normal part of life and have been through so many things already, had endometriosis causing me a eptopic prgnancy then had both my tubes removed, iv had lazor treatment 3 times, iv now got polyps on my uterus and overie, and have now been told i dont have ibs which iv been treated for all thiese years to now being told it is ibd, im all messed up and just want to no once and for all what my problems are and can they be treated, frustration i think the word is, i wish you all the lok with your treatment you seem pisitive. Good look,


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