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New to sight - dx Nov 2016 CRC Stage 4

My namenis Chris Steinhardt, 51, and I live in the Philadelphia area. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 CRC on Nivember 14, 2016. I had my colon resected in two places, 10 out of 26 lymphnodes removed, mo mets to liver, spread to omentum. I just finished 10 rounds of Folfox and am a candidate for cytoreduction surgery with HIPEC. Generic testing and molecular tumor testing came back 100% clean. Other than some neuropathy, I have had very little to no side effects. Feeling blessed.

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We all as sufferers are delighted to hear your recovery news. Once diagnosed , the world changes and your experience is great to hear. May it continue.


Glad all is well. God is good! I too have neuropathy in my feet and fingers. I have a follow-up appt with oncology in a couple months. I finished treatment 2 years ago. Take care. Live each day to the fullest.

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