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Hi all wondering if I should be worried or not about a bleed from the back passage? The reason I ask is it feels like a rip but it bled hours after I used my bowels I've also been off my food for the last few days and feeling sick yesterday and today 27th and 28th December I just thought it was because of other things that I wasn't feeling great but now the bleed has got me thinking do I need to get my bloods done again as they were clear at my last check up?

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  • Hello Wintersbite. I would certainly get it checked out at the Doctors and also make sure you monitor how you are feeling, other symptoms etc and if you have a family history of gastric problems etc.

    My wife was having similar problems and despite having two bowel cancer screening tests over the past year and 2 or 3 blood tests etc it was not until she had a CT scan and then a sigmoidoscopy that she was diagnosed with bowel cancer three weeks ago. She has an operation scheduled for next week. She also has diverticulitis, which can cause the bleeding.

    So even if you get the all clear, if symptoms persist, then insist on seeing a gastro specialist.

    I believe that my wife's problem has been with her for over two years but went undetected, despite numerous visits to the doctor, we just hope that the operation next week will remove the cancer and that she starts to feel better again.

    Take care - John

  • Thanks for your reply glad your wife is getting her op I was undiagnosed for two years and I have colon cancer and once they found I was told if it was left another week i would have been in my box at the time I was only 34yrs I'm 36yrs now but I've been told for a woman I have a rare cancer that is why I asked.

    Once again good luck for your wife.

  • I had the resestion done in April and the stoma reversal in October and had some blood in December. Am on blood thinners due to an earlier DVT and the doctor said skip a day of the reveroxapam . Sorted. Whatever you do do see your doctor first.

  • It seems to be setting down now the bleed rip whatever it was but I don't have my cancer book on me and I remember the act fast for something information and my nurse saying about food and and feeling sick it was the blood that made me think "oh crap don't tell me the cancer is back" I've got house mates looking for the me going pale sign there already worried about my being iffy with my food but now thay know what I'm thinking there ok if no better in a few days as it could just have been a rip then call my nurse and A&E for bloods to be done again

  • Chat to your collar rectal nurse on the support line you were given. I think you are fine but check with the professionals. They are very sympathetic.

  • I agree with you it's just I don't have my cancer book with me and I'm not at my home address so my gp can't just run over and check on me. I remember if signs it's important and I remember one was feeling sick but I will be careful if it's still a problem by the 1St working day of next week i have a log for her and great reason to waist her time and go in sorry but I hate wasting people's time but I have started a log for this

  • Hello, I am not sure how old you are, the younger you are the chance off the bleed something nasty lessens but it would be best to contact your doctor for a check, and if you bleed in the same way again, go to your doctor as an emergency, or to an A & E. I had the same thing, bleeds that I thought were something to do with my ITP, but in fact was bowel cancer.

    In your case it may be something or nothing, but the sooner you have it checked the better it will be for your peach of mind, not all bleeds from that area are the result of something nasty as I say and it may be the only one that you have.

    Sorry if I have put a dampener on your New Year, but have a good one any way, you may be off your food because of worry, just ask your doctor you can, for that check up.

    Regards Bill

  • my partner had a bleed similair the week before xmas and due to his advance colon / bowel cancer he was rushed into hospital and the doctor told me that cancer patients with advance colon cancer will have bleed due to the cancer advancing but to keep an eye on it .

    i think it due to the strain that is cause on the colon due to blockages caused by the cancer .

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