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Has anyone had toes straightened recently ? I had two toes on my right foot corrected in the mid 90s and after a long gap now have to have two on my left foot done. I'm not looking forward to this because the last time it left me in a lot of pain for three days and the recovery period was long. Lets hope for better this time on Dec 12th, I'm hoping to fly away on holiday in March, what are my chances ?

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I had this done in January 2012 Ulrich after having much foot surgery 25 years ago and the whole thing was so different!

When I had my previous surgery it was such a palaver. Then I had no surgery for 20 yrs untiil this January. We have a local daysurgery unit in Tetbury Glos that each Thursday they use for minor surgery like our toe straightening. I had to go in at 2pm, was sat in a bed until I was wheeled to the surgery. The operation was done under local anasethetic and took about 45 mins (2 toes). I didn't have a pre-med cos I didn't need one, nor a general anasthetic cos I also didn't need one, just my foot was anaesthetised. I sat up on the operating couch (which is really a bed) whilst they did my feet. There was a green screen in front of me so I couldn't see whaat they were doing. I just read my book.

It was fantastic. I had a cup of tea when I'd finished and carried on reading for a while. Then the nurses helped me walk with a special boot over the bandage & crutches & my husband collected me around 5pm.

I was a bit wobbly around home for about a week and had extra painkillers but I'm used to that through CMT. The wound was checked twice by my surgery nurses in that time & it was all off in a month! You'll easily be able to go on holiday too.

Day surgery is one of the things that has been revolutionised since the 90's. I can remember surgery that left me dizzy for weeks after, plaster that stopped me walking and all sorts of woes with surgery in the 80/90's.

I even wrote about it for Take a Break magazine. I mentioned it to Karen, I'm not sure if she has a copy, otherwise I'll ask my hubby to scan it and send it if you like.

My surgeon said I was to spend the next month with my feet up a lot, with a prescription like that you can't go wrong! In reality though I put my feet up a lot for about a week, then hobbled about as much as I wanted.

Hope that helps, Lynne


Thank you Lynne, I was only thinking last night that I may cancel it but perhaps you have reassured me. The last time, my foot was still too swollen for a shoe 3 months later. It felt a little like a back street job :) I remember a radio blasting on the windowsill etc and being ushered out of the door as soon as my surgery was dressed, I don't remember having crutches but will need them this time, my balance is so poor I have no confidence any more. I would like to read your article, can I give an email address on here ? Thanks Ulrich


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