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is this a type of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

hi i.m 49 years old i.m from Syria from 10 years ago my doctor tell me that i have neuropathy disease when he treat me from back pain and diagnose may be chacot-marie-tooth disease symptoms are :

1- I could not stand up on my toes

2- I could not stand up on my heels

3- the first (big) left toe is very weak but rest toes are still strong moving dorsally is good but forward (to the floor) is slow and 70% weak

4- my right toes are strong dorsally 40% weak forward(to the floor)

5- 15% peronial muscular atrophy in left and right

6- weak and unsteady (balance disorder) 30%

7- no weak no symptoms in my hands

8- no general diseases

My question is : is this a type of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

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I share most of those symptoms and have CMT 1a


Hello bawadry ......

My advice is this, as you are displaying SOME of the signs of C.M.T. ?

1) > Return to your General Practitioner (GP), and request that they refer you to see a

consultant NEUROLOGIST, for a confirmed diagnosis, of your present condition :

2) > The neurologist, will take your complete family history, and a full examination of your

body, especially your reflexes : They should also consider, sending you to see a

NEUROPHYSIOLOGIST for an electromyogram :

3) > Nerve Conduction (Velocity/Speed) Tests, called Electromyography (EMG), and or,

Nerve conduction studies (NCS) which will test, and confirm the actual speed/velocity of

your MOTOR nerves, i.e. (brain to muscles) SIGNAL STRENGTH, and also your

SENSORY nerves (touch/feelings) extremities, (hands/feet to back to brain) : Your nerves

are wrapped in a wax like substance called MYELIN which is defective, and LEAKS,

therefore over a period of many years, your muscles start wasting due to them not

receiving a full strength/strong signal/impulse from your brain :

4) > Your NEUROLOGIST should also arrange specialist BLOOD TESTS, where 6/8 phials of

your blood will be taken, and sent to a specialist laboratory at a University Laboratory,

(very expensive & takes 6 weeks) for a result : If it is C.M.T. the results will confirm what

type No. that you have, (C.M.T. Type 1a) is the most common in the U.K. where 23,000

people have it : The result will also identify what GENE number the mutation is on :

Best of luck to you ....

John ..... (Glasgow)


all ( NEUROLOGISTS) say : no treatment for ( c.m.t ) disease so what we should do


Get yourself referred to a physiotherapist, Bawadry. He/she should be able to give you exercises to help maintain strength and mobility. You may find an occupational therapist helpful, and probably an orthotist too.


Hola to all:

From Mexico, I have the neuropatic disease in legs and arms. And my doctor a neurologist in muscle and nervious told me that is not a cure but recomended me a lot of exersise, so I swim, yoga and teraphy.

I have very good days but another my legs are no strong and my unbalance is a little worst.

As you see English is not my language but I hope to have comunications with persons who have the same problem. Of course I have parkinson since 2 tears ago.

Thanks for your attention.

Ponty Muñoz


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