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Benefits Medical ( Are we fit for work?)

Hi has anyone had one of these medicals recently? If so could you shed some light on the kind of questions they ask please? I have my re-arranged one on 13th Nov as my original one; they didn't have a Doctor to interview me and the DWP have requested that a Doctor does my interview, so it would be nice to know how they try to catch us out, although none of them know exactly how we suffer and what we can/can't do. I can't work as I have numbness everywhere and my left leg is terrible,I can't stand or sit for long at all. I know they know nothing although they will tell us they do so if anyone has any tips for this diabolical medical please let me know.

Thanks Pam

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Although I have problems as a result of having CMT 1 I have been able to continue working but one of my former staff with severe MS has recently had a DWP medical assessment.

In short if you are able to breath unaided you are likely to be judged fit to work, she can only walk a few feet with a stick and suffers severe seizures and convulsions but the DWP saw no reason why she couldn't work even though she lives in a rural location, half a mile from a bus stop etc.

The only way to get what you are entitled to in this bankrupt nation is to appeal and keep on appealing until you win. Involving your MP is a waste of time as they are all inundated with similar cases.

Whatever you do, don't go into the meeting expecting a fair, rational appraisal of the situation as the company carrying out the assessment is paid on the savings it makes.


This is sad and makes my blood boil.


Sadly the current Government have and continues to label people with disability as SCROUNGERS although I still work and volunteer to help veterans of the armed forces find this bizarre as the PM,s late father and young son were both disabled , so it is is deemed that all disabled person not born with a silver spoon is and are SCROUNGERS OF THE BENEFIT SYSTEM.............


Its the fakers and there are a lot, who spoil it for the genuine. They have degrees on how to use the system, the honest with properly diagnosed diseases are ignored.


As Phil says it is more than likely they will find you fit for work. They will ask you various questions all of which are designed for you to fail the medical so answer them very carefully and think before you answer. As a point although I am rather disabled now i still manage to work part time but my husband is on ESA and he is partially sighted and was asked to read a sheet back to the assessor which he refused and then his assessment said he could manage to read it

I recommend that you take someone with you and also ask the DWP to record the assessment - you have a right to his. On various assessments I have found that they are blatant lliars and not once has it come back with honest answers for us. You will not normally get an answer there and then and when you get your assessement report if they fail you you ne4ed to contact them by phone and tell them you want to appeal and then submit your appeal in writing sending with it documentation to prove that you are unfit for work.

Good luck with the assessment you never know you may get a good one but I say that with tongue in cheek



What sort of disability benefits are they assessing, l only claim DLA , but am finding my part time job very difficult and may have to give up, quite concerned about the lack of understanding about the variations of CMT cos when youve got it, its for life, it cant be cured

and will probably get worse as you get older.


hi just to let you kn ow and this won`t help i`m sorry but next year they`re going to assess the DLA and combine the IB/DLA together my daughter works in benefits and this is what she told me david cameron is a plonker.


I think it is the incapacity benefit they are assessing, so hopefully you will be ok until 2014 onwards when the DLA will be replaced by PIP and then they will be assessing those claiming this

benefit too. I agree totally with you that it is a disease for life and cant b e cured, but try telling this damned government this!


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