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Toe straightening

I had three toes straighened one month ago today, it was a day job in Tullamore Hospital.I walked a few hours later.I have to go back this week for a check up, but it is nice to look down at 3 straight toes. I believe that the anaestatic has made me very tired or maybe doing very little exercise is the cause of this. I am looking forward to getting into nice shoes!

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It will be good to see the results won't it!... Like you I've had my toes straightened recently... for me with removable surgical pins.

My pins are due for removal on the 3rd and I'm really quite looking forward to it!


I had it done in the 90s, I still have a screw in my big toe, it hurts like hell when I stub it. I wish you a speedy recovery.


I had the same in February!! I've had loads of foot surgery before of various types and sometimes it reverses itself over time (hate to put the downer on it!) but it can be done again and it is lovely! I love putting weight onto the squashy, padded part of the toe that is designed for it rather than the tip of the toe. I've written about it for Take a Break magazine and it's going to come out probably in July, they couldn't give me a date. They didn't call it CMT though, because the piece was so short it's just about bent toes.

I had it done in February and was told to go and put my feet up for a month. With a prescription like that, what's not to like!


I had all my toes straightened except 1 that the doctor said was ok. the registra thought it should have been done too, now it rolls up if i try to put shooes on with bare feet. its horrible but the others are fine and i can wear cosy feet shoes instead of hospital ones..


It's a pity that all your toes were not straighened and you would be finished wnd would have closure.Perhaps you should try to convince this doctor that you are still suffering and that you would like to have the toe straightened, then you could look forward to shoes of your choice.


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