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Post-op plaster cast / dressings / crutches for Toe Straightening

Post-op plaster cast / dressings / crutches for Toe Straightening:

I'm due to have my toes on both feet (all but my big toes) straightened any day now in addition to an exploratory look (and hopefully fix!) of my right ankle and just wondered if anyone had had either of these before and knew what the norm was in terms of whether I'd be in plaster cast(s) or bandaging, weight bearing or not, crutches... stuff like that?

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iv had to of my toes straightened on my left in and out in the same day dressings for 6wks and crutches and that was in june of larst yr and one toe is still not right


I had a tendon transfer on my right ankle March 2011 & toes straightened, incl big toe, so had to be non weight bearing for 12 days, then plaster cast 4-6wks, had wheelchair, walking frame etc from OT. Has improved my walking greatly. One of smaller toes stayed curled & I'm having it straightened on 25 April, which will just involve bandaging, shouldn't be much problem at all. Hope this helps, good luck.


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