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Health Assessment

Something that is unacceptable is going on at health assessments they are putting things that aren't said and not" tapping in " things that are said and this has not just happened to me but also a friend who also had one and it also appears that if u have trouble getting around the answer for them is get a wheel chair. This must be so wrong as for me who was told to" use it or lose it" so I try walking as much as I can because I value my legs. Yes if the time comes when I really need a wheel chair I will get over, but not until this time comes. My friend can walk fine to do what she needs to do but to tell her to go to hospital to get a free wheel chair is so wrong. But they are falsifying the assessments everyone and this is unacceptable I was told I do not have limited capability for work yet I struggle to go down the shops and back which is about a 5 min walk and need to move regularly from sitting to standing/walking around. I am a cmt'r by the way. Anyone else having the same experience.?

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This is very old news.They use the hypothetical wheel chair gambit as a way to say that claimants have no issue with mobility...but with in DWP guild lines, it has to be a standard adapted wheelchair and it must be appropriate for your circumstances.


Hi thanks for that info I was told to " use it or lose it" so for them to say this is disgusting as I would lose the use of my legs if I was to put myself in a wheel chair.


I've heard of similar but not exactly the same, I'm really glad you posted this cos I didn't know it in detail & have yet to go through my re-assessment. Hopefully this gov't will go soon & we'll have a more compassionate regime with Jeremy Corbyn


Thanks yeah I would advise that u get all evidence and support from any professionals u have seen. To think I was given zero points is mind blowing the assessment has nothing to do with u and your health condition just their q's and then they falsify info as I also know someone else who just had hers and she got 7 points and she's healthier than I am, which she agrees with but things that they said about her were lies & again they recommended a wheel chair which she really doesn't need. she wasn't happy to say the least. I have now got support from my local mp as 3 gp's a neurologist and a court has made no difference. So who's opinion does matter? ????,😕😠

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You can ask for a copy of your report and challenge any inaccuracies. You can request a mandatory reassessment which will probably not change but then with those two hurdles ticked you can appeal. The Citizens Advice bureau can help with all of this even with the form filling because sometimes it’s knowing how to phrase things - it’s not what you write but how you write it! They helped me with the form and made me think about things I’d just accepted into my everyday life but actually needed assistance with.

Hope this helps.


Yeah thanks done all that now awaiting a court day now also got my mp to support me who sent a letter and said I can get in touch if needed. But I don't think the assessor cares how u phrase things or what u say cos they falsify it anyway. Thanks tho 😕


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