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Telling DWP condition progressed

Hi my partner last year got rewarded standard care and standard mobility of PIP. We have recently filled in a form to say his condition is worse as he now uses a chair and needs other aids. I am just wondering how long this process takes as we sent the form back 4 weeks ago and still not heard anything? Also will he need another assessment? Thank you

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Hello to Emily_Freddie........ Please 'tread' very carefully:

When the DWP receive your "changed circumstances", claim form, the first thing they will do is to "STOP" your existing benefit(s), until they get proof (docs letters etc), that YOU, yes you and not them must gather yourself to prove your worsening medical condition: Note ! If you purchased the wheelchair privately, and not the NHS, you must show them your receipt:

This type of claim will not be an "automatic-upgrade" to provide you with further financial benefit(s):

My Suggestion ? The DWP now only offer PIP for a certain length of time, say 3/4/5 years max: Consider keeping what you have got at present, and provide this new information when, most certainly you will require to "start-again", including the horrible "face-to-face" assessment ?

Good Luck & Good Health......

John (Glasgow) !


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