Have you found anything to prevent your stick/crutch sliding on wet surfaces ?

I have had a worrying number of near-misses when my elbow crutch has skidded on wet tiles and paths, and now am getting apprehensive about ice - I'm in Scotland. It is an NHS crutch for my CMT balance problems, and I was astonished when I discovered how dangerous it is.

I do try to place it vertically, as I know it is less likely to skid. But it is hard to remember, as it is instinctive to make a broad "tripod" of feet and stick, for balance.

I have found there's a product called "Rain Guard", at NonSlipCrutchTips.com, which is in the U.S. They also have "Snow Boots" which are used with the Rain Guard tips (I think they fit over them). A pair of each costs $46.90 including carriage to the UK. I couldn't find anything in this country.

Has anyone here tried them ?

Do they fit on NHS elbow crutches ? ( the Rain Guard would replace the standard ferrule)

Do they work?

Or have you found any other solution to the problem ?

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  • Look on Google for a company called Complete Care.

    Hope you can find something to help you.

  • Thank you, Tandarts.

    I searched Complete Care's website - but no luck. There are "shock-absorbing" ferrules for elbow crutches. They have lots of ferrules for sticks - all of which claim to "reduce the risk of slipping", but they didn't look all that different from the standard NHS type.

    So I rang them, and they admitted that they don't do any anti-slip ferrules for wet tiles, etc.

    Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  • I know lots of non cmt people who have this problem too was hoping to find the answer. I'll put my oracle on the case 😀

  • Thanks, Jud - I had a feeling this might not be just a CMT prob : I do hope your oracle will come up with something.

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