will be having l5-s1 spinal fusion surgery as well as laminectomy...need help!!

i am having l5-s1 spinal fusion surgery and a laminectomy. i want to know what the pain will be like after the surgery. please post answers. i will appreciate your input.....another question...what kind of care will i need after i am discharged from the hospital? thank you very much!!!

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  • I cant & nobody can say what the pain will be like for You..... This is because everybody's pain levels are different. The levels are not even the same wth family members - my sister has a high tolerance to pain while I have a low one.

    What I would advise is that you talk first to your own GP about your fears & about the medications you may need, and then talk to the anaesthetist when he comes to see you before the procedure. Fear is normal before a big operation, but if you do not tell your doctors that you are a bit nervous, how are they supposed to know & then help you through it.

  • Hi cathylackey8, I would completely agree with Ynthica. It's hard to say how much pain you will be in after a surgery, however, the best people to talk to about this and aftercare would be your GP and surgeon (if possible).

    There is quite a bit of information about laminectomy and spinal decompression surgery available online. I did find this one, which includes information about recovery, which you might find helpful: mayfieldclinic.com/pe-decom...

    However, best port of call in the first instance would be your GP.

  • thank you so very much!! i am going to that site now.

  • You'll be limited when you get home, try not to be on your own as you'll need slot of support with washing, dressing, meals etc. You need to keep moving as well. Build up your walking a bit at a time. Most importantly, pace yourself! Good luck!

  • i would suggest having help at home for awhile....for meals, med help, bathroom, dressing, moving, etc. a friend of mine made a temporary bed rail for me that really helped. i enjoyed the company of friends at times while needing to rest and walk also. i pray that your surgery goes well and agree with other people that doing online googling for helpful websites is a good idea

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