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what are the breaking news about the drug therapy of CLL?

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no answer???


My husband- aged 72 - is currently undergoing a trial of one of the new drugs - GS1101 (CAL101). He commenced the trial in December 2012 and at the last meeting with the team in April he was told all his counts were normal. He will be having a scan next week to find out the reduction of the lymph glands but they have already reduced by 75%. He has had no side effects and is feeling better than he has for a number of years. The trial combines an infusion of rituximab and a tablet that could be a placebo. He has now had the last infusion of rituximab and will now be on the tablet only so we will await to see what the next stage will bring

Dr Pagel comments on the new drug:

Another drug that’s really exciting that we have in clinical trials is another pill. It’s called GS-1101. Some people might know it as CAL-101. It targets another step in that B-cell signalling cascade. This one is called PI3-kinase, and it’s the delta isoform. It’s not important exactly to say what that is, but this is targeted biologic therapy. It’s not chemotherapy. This drug is again a pill, a daily pill, with the same kinds of results, amazing reduction in lymph nodes, ability to the get white counts under control in very, very advanced patient.


If you scroll through recent blog postings cllsupport.healthunlocked.c... you will find many posts from members reporting breaking news, updates and discussion about latest breakthroughs and developments in CLL research and therapeutics

We are aware of frequent breakthroughs happening in CLL medical research as more is understood about CLL. This has led to many novel therapies entering clinical trial and strategies in development opening potential curative treatment avenues for the future,

The new platform launch next month will include categories to aid posting and information retrieval by category. If you have news you can post to blogs for the time being...



A couple of good places to look at for updated information on CLL treatments are Dr. Jeff Sharman's blog cll-NHL.com, Patient Power.info or on Facebook, where Andrew Schorr has done interviews with several of the top CLL specialists, CLLCanada.ca, especially for research reports, or Brian Koffman's blog, BKoffman.blogspot.com. Brian has links to interviews he has done, as well as his own input on many CLL issues. I hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for.



Links to these facilities and discussion about latest updates and videos from these sources are in the blogs column. and updated by contibuters . cllsupport.healthunlocked.c...

Alternatively. Just key the names Pat mentions into search (top right hand) and recent discussion and postings should be provided. (In a few weeks all these will be easily accessed from information categories provided in the new platform launch)

CLLCanada provides a concise list of recent news on the right hand side of the CLL Canada website which is updated as reported and has an extensive library.

There is a good article on the home page. "Emerging 'non-chemo' CLL Treatments"

. cllcanada.ca/2010/index.htm.. If you are looking for something specific post a question to the group and Chris will know where to look.