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What do you have to say about Cancer Drug Costs?

What do you have to say about Cancer Drug Costs?

I have been invited to participate in the US President's Cancer Panel as it discusses cancer drug costs next month. To help inform my participation, I have launched a brief survey to get your views. Please take a few minutes to share your voice. Thanks!

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Can I share this or is the survey only for our group?


My drug Imbruvica has been very effective in fighting my cancer. However, the drug cost $10,000 per month and now my insurance in the state of West Virginia is on the verge of collapse. I am worried about access to Imbruvica once the insurance is unable to pay.


There are compassionate access programs, the Pharmacyclics, You & I and Janssen has a separate fund... should it come to that...




I surely hope there is support. I know the Lymphoma Society cannot help since my income is about $70,000, above their cutoff line. I have only the smallest hope that the draconian cuts in my state insurance will not occur. Perhaps Pharmaclyclics will help. Thanks.


My clinic, here in the UK, has said that only way they can hope to get anyone on Imbruvica is with a clinical trial. At these sort of costs the NHS (National Health Service) cannot be expected fund the drugs.

I'm reading about all the wonderful new drugs being developed, but think 'yeah right! as if that's ever going to be available to Joe Public.'

The drug companies will see how effective a drug is, how it tugs at the heart strings, and set the cost accordingly (high).

Good luck with the conference, though I still remain sceptical.


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