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gotCLL is a patients' and caregivers' guide to CLL information online and on mobile devices. The mission of the weblog is to guide CLL patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to the best and most fitting CLL information and resources online.

Among its useful features are a section for mobile apps for iPhones, iPods, and iPads and a section with educational videos of interest to CLL patients and caregivers. It also has a link to the HealthUnlocked-CLL Support Association on its Help menu.

Please visit, use the weblog, suggest content and links to additional online resources and mobile apps, and share it with others.

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Hmmm interesting blog, will have to follow it online though seeing as they are only supporting Apple devices. Once again Android users lose out. Very poor in that respect!

FLSTSC in reply to pitbull

You mean there are other devices other than the great god Apple?

Surely not

Android user


Quick search of shows they also have an android app. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the others do as well.<p> <p>

Hope that helps, <p> Mike


Some Android options or web page links. (iphone and android apps)

CURE Magazine (web page only)

BioOncology (web page only)

The Oncologist (link to iphone and android apps)

CCO Oncology in practice (android link)


Thanks for your suggestions.

To all:

Currently, I have no Android devices so I have been reluctant to add any apps for them without reviewing them.

I invite anyone with an Android device to review and recommend similar, CLL-related apps. Please send me via email your suggestions and links to the apps and any online reviews and I will consider adding them to the weblog.

URL change: Now at

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