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Health and Disease

Health and Disease

The word disease is actually dis-ease. Its about the illness in a person because of a lack of health. The person has had health taken from them. This bit isn't really religious but it shows what I mean.When Jesus enters Zacchaeus's house Jesus says "This day is health come into this house." Zacchaeus was a nasty man who was normally ignored but health transformed him from miserable and isolated. As Cll patients as well as waiting for a cure we would rather the process to full health start now. Even the most mild mannered person gets short tempered when they are in pain and/or aren't sleeping. It can make getting on with people difficult and small things can get blown out of preportion because of it. Health brings gifts not just to ourselves but our families, friends and work mates. Ill health effects not just the person, its like dropping a stone in a mill pond and seeing the ripples spread out. None of us wanted this illness it gives us distress. I would like health to come into my house.

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I agree, Jangreen. I'm sure we'd all like health to come into our houses and lives, and can pray for that (if we are believers in prayer). It's certainly a more positive way of looking at things, because as CLL patients it's all too easy for our minds to be filled with the problems we face (or might face in the future). I greatly appreciated CllCanada's comments about hope, and his changing views of the hopes in his life. (under his post that started by talking about Richter's in a nutshell.). It's about being grateful for the things we can still do, rather than grieving over the losses. Though I do think that sometimes a bit of grieving over our losses is also valid, and there are times when it's OK to grieve.


Hi Jangreen

I am sorry you are so distressed at the moment. I'm afraid I don't understand your religious reference, possibly because I do not follow religion but I know that everything we do, impacts on the people who's lives we touch, in all sorts of ways.

We lose much when we lose our good health and as Paula says, grieving is absolutely valid and perfectly understandable......I believe that it is always OK and necessary to grieve.

Illness alters our perspective and changes our priorities and I think that living well, is a lot about coping with and adapting to our ever changing landscape. This is not easy.

Take care

sparkler x


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