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Question about 13q14.3 and 14q32.33 Deletions:

My husband has just been diagnosed with CLL. We got the results from the FISH test and he has mostly good prognostic indicators: CD38-, Zap-70-, and mutated lgVH. The folowing deletions were identified:

13q14.3 loss of 935.70kb

14q32.33 loss of 660.68kb

Does anyone know how to interpret the "loss of" numbers? (Can that be translated into what % of the chromosone is missing?) Also, I have not found much information about the 14q.32.22 deletion and it's relationship when it's combined with a 13q14.3 deletion.

Thanks for your input!

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The deletion sizes are measured in kilobase... kb

14q deletions are often associated with shorter time to treatment.

Size does matter in 13q deletions, usually if the RB1 gene is missing.

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This is the first discussion I have seen with regard to an additional chromosomal abnormality with a !3q-. I have 13.q- (Dleu1) and a 14q.32+ (assumed translocation, but not with 11q14 which I understand would be bad).

I Understand that FISH testing only tests for the probes provided and whatever partner this 14q+ has might not be anything probed for. In any case, FISH testing is not all that useful in watch and wait and prognosis is not a prediction.

However, having said that, I have had an ongoing curiosity about what this second error might indicate. It has resulted in my prognosis being "neutral" and not the "positive" that a solo 13q- would generate.

I have looked for any information on prognosis with a second chromosome error plus the 13q-. The ranking of prognosis always only has 13q- solo or ranks "more than one error". I also can't find much on the 14q32+ and what that might mean. in terms of numbers, I have many times more of the 14q+ than the 13q-. Just wondering. I am a curious person :)


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Here is the full 14q paper I mentioned..

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Cilcanada -Thank you for your response. Do you know how to translate the deletion loss in kb to percentage of loss? For example, my husband has a deletion of 13q14.3 loss of 935.70.

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No...sorry, you would need a geneticist to interpret that..... certainly gene Dleu7 would be gone or damaged.

This is minutia, don't worry about it.

They are just beginning to understand CLL genetics, and only about 12 genes have been implicated as of now, out of thousands...

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