Allergic Rhinitis

When I was reading through the questions and answers tonight, I noticed that pkenn said she has had allergic rhinitis for around ten years. So have I. I use a nasal spray but my sleep is affected by this condition. Just outside my nostrils is virtually always inflamed (not that anyone would notice). I am now wondering if this condition - and constant inflammation I suppose - could be connected with my getting CLL. Any thoughts on this one?

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  • Gartshore - I have actually had allergic rhinitis since 1969 when I moved from California to Connecticut to teach.It seemed especially bad in fall and spring and my doctor there thought it was related to the trees, which were different from the ones I was used to. It was severe while I lived there for 3 years, and did not resolve when I moved back to California, but was not as bad. My allergic reactions always led to a sinus infection which would only resolve with antibiotics. 10 years ago I started IVIG because of my then constant infections and the fact that my IgG level was in the 200s. Since starting IVIG and having sinus surgery to open things up I rarely develop and infection when my allergies act up, and if I do my sinuses drain, and I can usually deal with infections without antibiotics.

    Be careful about overusing nasal sprays and/or washes. They are a Godsend for some. All of my life they have made things worse, not better.

  • Thank you for the information. I suppose loads and loads of people have allergic rhinitis. I was just thinking of inflammation over a long period of time being connected with susceptibility to cancer. I flit to this and that, trying to think what might have caused my CLL. But it's natural that we should all do this at times.

    Gartshore x

  • I had allergic rhinitis for five years that drained into my lungs, making me cough persistently. The cough was finally cleared with a specific antibiotic and I stopped coughing, however I noticed that certain things would retrigger the allergic reaction.

    Cow's milk and cream being the worst but perfumes, cats, tobacco smoke, lots of household cleaners, fire retardants on new furniture would all set me off again.

    Having isolated the triggers I dont have the problem any more but I always have to be on my guard against hidden cow's milk in foods where you just wouldn't expect to find them.

  • Yes, it's good to be very aware as to what substances cause an allergic reaction. I'm interested in what you have written - I take almond milk now and I am going to buy a steam cleaner so that I can avoid the use of chemicals when cleaning in the house. Good point that, unless we are really vigilant, we can consume all sorts of things without realising what some of the ingredients are.

    Thank you.

    Gartshore x

  • I too have had allergic rhinitus since I was 19. Interestingly enough it disappeared while I was having chemo for CLL. It has since returned undfortunately!

  • Interesting! I think it's good if we can source the causes of our allergies and try to avoid them, thus avoiding inflammation. However, this is easier said than done!

    Thank you.

    Gartshore x

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