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The role of transplant in CLL

Hi everyone

I just posted the last part of my ASH 2012 interview with Dr. Pagel on my blog:

This short segment focuses only on transplant. Dr. Pagel discusses the use of a very underutilized treatment option, namely radioimmunotherapies such Zevalin and the improving survival data. If there is no relapse after three years, the chances of the cancer coming back are very very small. We are talking cure.

Be well


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Hi I have watched as many videos of ASH as I can I have found them hopeful.Although when I saw my consultant he was lukewarm about the "new" drugs. I was first told I had CLL when I was 50 (I'm a woman) I had FCR + M four yrs later and two yrs after chemo an still in remission. I know even ASH does not talk about a cure but about long term treatments. So good luck with your treatment.


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