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Roundup settlement for CLL

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Does anyone have any experience or information on being part of the Roundup/CLL legal settlement? I’ve used it around the house for years and was diagnosed about 4 years ago. I’ve gotten a lot of ads to look into it and was hoping to get some real life experience advice.



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My understanding is that it’s a class action lawsuit.... the more people involved it’s more likely to have traction. They have set aside 10 Billion for a settlement.

But the lawyers will get the lion’s share of the settlement. Then they look at the cases and determine your risk based on your exposure. For example if you work as a grounds keeper and can prove you’ve used roundup like almost daily , you’ll get a bigger settlement. If your a home owner that used it a few times a year and can’t prove your purchase of the product then you might get pocket change. But again it’s my opinion after the lawyers agree on there expenses along with the fees you’ll end up with almost nothing. In the end I think most adults in America have used roundup a few time a year for weed control.

Best wishes


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Actually, my understanding is this settlement is for homeowners. It may be that professionals are considered to be more knowledgeable or they are part of a different lawsuit. Your conclusion that most of the money will flow to the lawyers is most likely true. No movement on this lawsuit for a nearly year now.

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Thanks John I didn't know any of this, my husband told me we used it a couple of times but don't have receipts and with what you've said im not wasting my time.

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ironjohn in reply to Sushibruno

Your welcome Lidia. But my reply is just my understanding. Please don’t take my opinion and say forget about putting in a claim. It may be worth it in the end. If your thinking about it contact one of the lawyer involved in the class action and let them tell you if you have a case.

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Thanks John, by the way you spelled my name wrong😆.

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No I didn’t you’ve been spelling it wrong all this time 😎

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I don't think that MOST Americans have used RoundUp, certainly no one I know has used it ever, we knew about the danger after seeing what 2-4 5 D and Agent Orange did to people's health in the 70s

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to PacificCLL

I'm not sure where you are. Roundup is used everywhere in Southern California - home use and agriculture. We are definitely seeing the effect on wildlife here, especially birds and bees. Warnings everywhere - totally ignored!

I grew up in Western Washington where Weyerhauser cut all the lumber. They sprayed the cut units with Agent Orange and 2, 4 5 D in the 60s and 70s. Later I lived in Oregon, most of my neighbors used it, and they spray the sides of the road regularly with RoundUp. Now I live in Hawaii and they spray the roads here more often with RoundUp. It is impossible to not be exposed to it.

2-4D is still around, believe I saw it at Tractor Supply less than 3-4 years ago.

Roundup is widely used in the U.S. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is used in Ortho GroundClear, RM43, Spectracide, & several others name brands & products. From the information gathered online, it appears glyphosate is heavily used worldwide. Actual exposure will vary depending on frequency, length, & concentration. In addition to the exposure during application, exposure may include those who manufacture the product, those who ship the product, those who warehouse the products, retailers that stock the product, stockers & cashiers who handle the product. In a high volume retail setting, leakage & breakage is fairly common, mostly caused by poor packaging or damage during dropshipping. Some will argue it’s in our soil & our food, albeit low concentrations.

The strength of Roundup has lessened since the lawsuits were filed several years ago, when it was first used as a "weed killer", it was so potent that if one drop got on your skin, it would affect your central nervous system to the point where it would kill you, you had to wear a full rubber(neoprene) upper body suit with a canister air filtering system, it had to be diluted 200 to 1 if that tells you anything :O I am part of the lawsuit, I used it on my father's farm for almost 15 years, I was diagnosed with CLL almost 4 years ago(even though my CBC's showed I probably had it 10 to 15 years ago)

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KatieBlue in reply to PacificCLL

It’s in every hardware store, ag supply farm store and Walmart type big box from sea to shining sea.

My entire family has used it.

Thanks all. I may reach out for one of the legal sharks and get more information. I’ve used it quite a bit for the past 20 years so I think it’s worth a call. I’ll let you all know what they say.

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Yakima53 in reply to Warheart

I believe the filing period is over. The settlement offers are supposed to start going out May 30th.

The law firms are constantly advertising on my Facebook timeline, looking for more potential plaintiffs.

That's where I saw it.

I am part of it - and used it around my house quite a lot - since we were by a wooded area and got poison ivy regularly - up until 6 years ago or so. I did not have receipts but not sure how much, if anything, i will get. But it is about holding companies that produce something toxic accountable

Thanks Ruth, digging up 20 years of Home Depots receipts may be a chore but I’m going to look into it.

An affidavit that you used the product is all the need, but they may ask for a witness and their contact info. Possibly will ask for a photo of the old product, if you still have it.

Read barger1951 post 6 days ago (type in Roundup in search). He states how he was able to get $25k payout.

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Pin57 in reply to Pin57

Check that... he’s awaiting settlement, average payout is $25k

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Warheart in reply to Pin57


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SunnyDowntown in reply to Pin57

I hope the payouts are more generous than $25k.

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Yakima53 in reply to Pin57

Settlement offers start May 30th.

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Warheart in reply to Yakima53

So is it too late to file?

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Yakima53 in reply to Warheart

I believe so but Google & see

I'm part of the suit myself. I have been waiting on information back on it for a year. Bayer is trying to claim that they have no liability in the case, and are stalling like crazy. They used COVID as a crutch to stall any further litigation. They are trying to get the courts to allow a decreased settlement, as most of us that were recently diagnosed weren't part of the original settlement. It is a huge pain in the butt right now. I am hoping to hear from my attorney this week for an update.

Was roundup used in crop dusting over large areas by farmers?Does anyone know?

Insecticides were, not sure about herbicides.

My husband worked for a farmer growing up in the 50’s-60’s and they used it All the time. He has also used it at our home for over 20 years. We’ve looked into it a little bit, but proving it’s another thing.... so we haven’t really done anything about it. Now he has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, they are also saying Roundup causes it too.

You probably won't get any concrete numbers from someone who settled because they would have signed a nondisclosure agreement and would risk losing the settlement.

We are involved in the lawsuit. It is a class action lawsuit with 4,600 clients. Our lawyer contacted us recently and we had not heard from them in 18 months. We thought nothing was going to happen so we were surprised when they called. I think people were supposed to have signed up with a representative several months ago. We still do not know if we will see anything from this even though our medical bills are very expensive.

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Pinhead1 in reply to Pinhead1

I forgot to say that 30% goes to the lawyers.

We started the process with a firm from Texas almost 2 years go (with Fears Nachawati law firm.) My husband was a farmer in addition to using Roundup around our house years ago. We did a lot of paperwork to start the process. Our last correspondence from them was on March 3, 2021. They were asking for documentation showing his use or purchase of Roundup which would have been in the late 70's or early 80's. We just dropped it as we have no receipts etc to prove his use.

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Zeit in reply to Dice70

About 3 years ago my son in middle Tennessee next door neighbor was killed by Roundup. Her husband was visiting my son, his cell rang and his wife said, come home I am sick. He went home and she was already dead. She had been spraying weeds with Roundup all morning. The autopsy proved she died of Roundup. I am sure her husband received a large payment as he would not talk about it and moved.

Maybe the lawyers will get a lot of the money, so what? Let’s say you settle for $100,000. The lawyers get $40, 000, you get $60,000. It’s $60,000 you didn’t have before!

Checkout this article!... Roundup found in my favorite cereals, Cheerios n LuckyCharms! What the heck?

Time to start another class-action suit!

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