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CLL under W&W and Covid Vaccine

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I live in B.C. Canada and I am trying to figure out if I qualify for the Covid vaccine at the time of the "clinically extremely vulnerable" phase. I have CLL and I am on W&W. Under the clinically extremely vulnerable it says "People with cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of treatment" qualify. Are CLL patients on W&W considered under any stage of treatment?

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I don't know if there is some form or something you have to fill out, but I cannot imagine anyone turning you down for a vaccine if you have leukemia based on this criteria.

You are seeing a doctor for leukemia and since they give no definition of treating, I personally would have zero problem saying my doctor is "treating" me for my leukemia and not even get into the semantics of what constitutes treatment.

No one who knows anything about cll would seriously argue we are not "clinically extremely vulnerable" in our watch and wait stage. And I seriously doubt anyone actually giving the vaccines understands the treatment distinction. You are in the watch and wait stage of treatment in my book.

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Thanks. I will be calling when they allow us.

Hi TheMah

I, too, am in BC, Canada and have been wondering the same as you. I was diagnosed with CLL 2-1/2 yrs. ago, have been through chemo. (My CLL, unfortunately was very aggressive and I required blood transfusions weekly for many months before chemo was started.). I have now been on Ibrutinib for 1 year and my numbers are doing very well as evidenced by my biweekly bloodwork. I feel great and have few side effects.

When we call to make an appt. for the vaccine, I don’t know if medical questions, will be asked but if so, I will say I am being treated for leukemia. Thoughts?


Yes, you are considered under treatment, even in just the watch and wait period.Sandy Beaches

Victoria BC

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It is nice to hear you are doing well. I don't know what they will ask for when calling. You for sure will qualify.

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Sorry, the last reply was meant for Bridgewood. Thank you.


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Hi.. I’m in the UK, CLL W&W 7 years but just under ‘active surveillance’. I received an official letter telling me to shield, as I am considered CEV on day 2 of the first lockdown here, last March. Have had lots of letters since, and I was invited to book my first vaccine with the 70s+ tranche. (I am 62.) Had my first AZ vaccine 15/2.

I have been careful here also. I will be calling when the time comes.

i'm in Manitoba and will be getting the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine tomorrow. being that i'm 59 and have stage four SLL, the immune system is suppressed. i am on cuvitru weekly injections, but still technically on W and W. i suggest you look at your provincial health website to check out where you fall in line. from the sound of it many provinces have different scenarios where people fall into. i hope you're able to get it soon. my oncologist told me to take whatever vaccine i'm able to get. good luck!

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