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Small Things, Big Difference is a booklet bringing together a collection of carefully selected insights, practical tips and wisdom from members of the (CLL) community.

Small things can make a big difference to the everyday lives of those living with CLL, from those recently diagnosed, to those who have been living with the condition for decades.

Developed in collaboration with Blood Cancer UK, Leukaemia Care, Lymphoma Action, CLL Support and AbbVie, Small Things Big Difference is a collection of heart-warming quotes covering topics including self-empowerment when dealing with the unknown, coping with emotions, and practical tips from those who have reflected on their experience of a CLL diagnosis.

Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. You can download it here:

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Thank you, such a good idea.

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pkguk2Administrator in reply to Ghounds

Really pleased you like it!


❤️❤️I needed this right now. I am receiving treatment that is going amazingly. Weird timing during pandemic but here I am.

But I do get in my head too much. I have always been a very happy upbeat positive person. But this disease does get the best of you sometimes. This is an excellent flipbook. Thank you for posting

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pkguk2Administrator in reply to Iris123

I'm really glad you have found it useful!

Wishing you the best and stay safe and well.


Thank you. I have downloaded this for evening reading.


What a very useful document, many thanks. I have downloaded it for future reference and shared it with my husband.

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pkguk2Administrator in reply to Elizabetha

Really glad you found it useful.

Take care and stay safe.


Reading this reminds me of something Dr. Sharman said:

"Knowledge without Judgement is just anxiety"

The practical application of judgements based on sound information has no doubt improved my level of anxiety. As does gathering the wealth of encouraging wisdom of others.

These offerings from the experience of others can be quite valuable. I have found an innumerable source of like experience on this forum.

Grateful to HealthUnlocked and all those who contribute, Oh yes, admins and tech support too.

Safety in numbers,


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pkguk2Administrator in reply to Smakwater

Wise words from Dr. Sharman!

Glad you found the booklet useful


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