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Covid infected CLL patients recovered!

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Hi everyone,

I found something optimistis -data from Spain showing recovery of 4 covid positive CLL patients🙂that sounds very good!

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Wonderful news. Thanks for posting. We are not all doomed if we get covid. And these were older patients with some comorbidities.

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How interesting that they were all given Hydroxychloroquine as part of the treatment. Also significant that 3 of the 4 had previously had skin cancers.

Promising data! 😊


here is the whole article:

Interesting to see. No 2 was my age with same trisomy 12. Although I’m treated.

It would be good to see a larger data tabled. Wondering if other countries researches focused on CLL?


What strikes me is that none of these patients had severe respiratory symptoms.

Thanks - we don't get to read much good news these days. My wife's reaction: "OK, you can do all the shopping now!"

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Last month during a phone consultation, my haematologist told me he'd had several CLL patients with Covid and all had left hospital and were now recovering at home.

I found that very encouraging. I wish I'd asked more about how they were treated and whether they were on ibrutinib, but as often happens, I don't think of the relevant questions at the time.


Great to hear such hopeful news. Thanks for posting

Thank you for posting this. There is good news to be found!


As additional information, four weeks ago I was visiting my doctor at MDA.

At that time he said he only knew of one clinic patient that had Covid and that she was doing ok.

So, thanks for the article, it's a piece of encouragement we can all use at the moment.



Good to know, I think there is also a study collecting data in the US for CLL patients that get Covid.

Really encouraging data, that I guess we've all been hoping to see.....thank you for posting

Thank you for sharing this. I find it frustrating that we have to go hunting for this sort of information of come across it accidentally. I wish this sort of information was provided by the blood cancer websites so that we were better informed of what current research is saying rather than under the very big blanket description of blood cancer.

Thats very encouraging all cll pts

Thanks so much for sharing !! This gives me a lot of hope. When the pandemic became apparent I seriously thought that it would be death sentence for CLL patient especially when they are on therapy. I know there is still so much we do not know but a case series like this is so encouraging considering that these patients had additional co-morbidities.

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