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Small B cell lymphoma


Hi. My tests still not confirmed but suggestive of small B cell lymphoma. Does anyone know much about this and prognosis treatment ect.

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Jenny, I am no expert but I think of small b cell lymphoma as being a class of lymphomas, of which cll is one, as opposed to a specific lymphoma. Might your doctor have said small cell lymphocytic lymphoma (sll)?

Sll and Cll are considered much the same disease and the treatments for both similar. Sll tends to manifest more in the lymph nodes than the blood. There are plenty of people on here with sll, if that's what your doctor meant.

Here is an article discussing small cell lymphomas, most of which tend to be more slower growing cancers:

You might ask your doctor to clarify what type of small cell lymphoma they think your have.

I could easily be wrong, I don't know much about lymphomas outside of cll. I hope you can get a more definite diagnosis. Jeff



I’m closing replies because we are all speculating which isn’t helpful for you. I hop you understand that.

Please get a second opinion.

All the very best


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