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Got Shingrex vaccination

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Went for my checkup with my oncologist last month and he stated that he wanted me to go ahead and get the Shingrex (shingles) vaccine before my immune system was shot. I almost bailed before the shot, so fearful of the side effects. (my husband had gotten the vaccine a week earlier and had chills and fever for 18 hrs.) But I knew it was now or never, while on watch and wait. Hubby said anything better than shingles(he’s had them twice already )

I mildly ached all over for two days(started about 18 hrs after injection) and my arm hurt, even throbbing at times, for about 5 days. The pain in my arm was strong enough I took Tylenol and used an ice pack. Six days later I am totally recovered and just fine! Of course, I have #2 of 2 injection left to go, due in Feb of 2019. My cost with insurance in the US was zero. ( Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Just wanted to share my experience.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Thanks for your post. I am waitlisted right now. I should get the first injection in a few weeks. I was curious about others experiences.

I had my first Shingrix shot last week. I did not notice any side effects for me other than some lingering mild soreness at injection site. My doc told me to stay on valtrex until after my second injection. Someone did tell me they had no problem with first injection but a lot of problems with the second. We shall see. Shingles is pretty awful so I am willing to take the chance on the vaccine and push through whatever side effects there are.

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Well cajunjeff, I'll cross my fingers & hope for the best because I'm getting my #2 of 2 Shingrix vaccinations tomorrow. I only had a slightly sore arm for a few days, with #1...

How odd, I have just made enquiries about my husband and I having the Shingrix vaccine so just waiting for a reply. It was very interesting reading the side effects from it.



I was advised to stop Valtrex 24-48 hrs before Shingrex, then stay off for 2 weeks afterwards to allow my body to mount a defense. I will admit that this seems to be new territory for all- Drs included.

I also just finished doing a continuing ed on Shingrix via Medscape- it was so interesting. A few highlights, in case anyone needs a refresher:

1. 1 of 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime( wonder what it is for those with CLL?)

2. Overall Shingrix efficacy 97.2%, compared to Zostavax 51%

3. Expect sore arm (mild to moderate pain) and injection site redness/swelling 74.1%, systemic symptoms ( fatigue, aches,headache, shivering, fever, GI symptoms) 53%

My note: Knowing these are possible expected reactions lessened my anxiety! I was actually thankful my body was recognizing and building some immunity!!

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