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Cll chemo



Has anyone being on strong chemo for cll.

If so what are the side effects /symtoms to expect after two sessions.

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What’s your definition of strong chemo? Are you talking FCR which is the standard treatment but most people wouldn’t call particular strong. If so my own FCR diary (click on my name) and others stories of their experiences of FCR may be helpful.

The biggest thing to be concerned about is temperature especially if it goes over 38C when you must go to the hospital because if the risk of neutropenic sepsis.

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Unfortunately I am not in a position to comment on the chemo strength.

My friend has had fcr treatment 3 years ago however the remission did not last too long. The chemo treatment appears to be similar to that given to cancer patients.. I am not familiar with all the medical terms.

Thank you for your reply

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Hi Adrian

I have believe the term used for the type of chemo I referred to as strong is known as CHOP.

Any opinions greatful. As my friend is extremely disillusioned after two treatments . Sickness no sleep infection after infection.

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I wonder if he’s actually having RCHOP. If he is then not many on this forum will have personal experience of it as it’s not used first line for CLL.

Like any chemo tho the side effects are an unfortunate part of the cost of the benefits that the treatment will hopefully bring. Asking his team to reiterate why they are doing what they are doing to him and what they hope to achieve may be a good idea.


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Side effects are very different for different treatments, ask your relation, which treatment they are having.

Also everyone is different... some sail right through treatment, others have a harder time...


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Thank you for your help

Did 3 rounds of IV FCR. Had no problems. Remission! Some do have side effects. Everyone is different.

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Thank you

I had strong chemo treatment for lymphoma...lost 40 pounds,because I lost my appetite,ate plenty of soups...otherwise I felt fine.

Others have noted that everyone's reaction to chemo is different.

I was diagnosed with CLL/11q/unmutated/complex karyotype in late 2005. Had 7 cycles of PCR (similar to FCR) in 2010 and 4 cycles of BR in 2013. Also received revlimid in 2010-11.

lots of side effects:

* nausea during the cycles

* moderate hair loss, which continues

* "chemo brain"--mild cognitive impairment

* more vulnerable to other cancers

* damaged immune system

* more vulnerable to colds, flu, pneumonia

good luck.

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Thank you and good luck.

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