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Dual Diagnosis


Confused.com I have three diagnoses CLL Stage A on W&W, Multiple Sclerosis Slow Progress and Osteoarthritis. I cant differentiate with feelings and symptoms as to which one is creating them, I tend to put any symptoms down to one of them now instead of going to my GP who I think is fed up with me and keeps telling me to refer myself for counselling. I don't need counselling I have come to terms with my diagnoses since 2013, My Neurologist is probably the most difficult doctor to talk to and my Haematologist gives me nothing. My recent question to my GP was requesting a referral to the Consultant in Homeopathy at the Royal Homeopathy Hospital in London, they look at the whole picture for your body and mind and help with this. My question to you is do you know of any way of getting a referral to this place as they charge £250 first appointment and £90 thereafter, I cant afford this and wondered if anyone knows of a way around this?

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Having three what can individually be debilitating health conditions concurrently is tough, so I can appreciate how desperate you must be to find a treatment that works. If you are hoping that homeopathy may help you, then be aware that homeopathy has been fairly solidly debunked as an effective treatment for any health condition, due to lack of evidence in very many clinical trials. That led to the Royal Homeopathy Hospital in London being "renamed the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in September 2010 to better reflect its activities.

It stopped providing NHS-funded homeopathic remedies in April 2018": en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy...

This Independent Newspaper report provides the background:


While you may find expertise at this hospital to improve your quality of life, are you aware that two of your conditions can be improved with Rituximab treatment?


If you had Rheumatoid Arthritis rather than Osteoarthritis, then your arthritis could be improved too.

You haven't shared what specialist support you have for your different conditions, but if you can get your specialists talking, your outcome could be far better than you ever thought possible.


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Can I just say Ruxitinilib works! Please try to be referred to a Centre of Excellence. Depends on where you live as to which will be the nearest for you. You will be helped there. That is why they are Centres of Excellence.


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