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Does Ibrutinib cause issues with type two diabetes

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Hi all.

As the title depicts,I just started Ibrutinib on Thursday and being a type two diabetic I'm always checking my bloods to keep them around the 7 mark, however since Thursday they have fluctuated between 12 and 18ish which is high for me,I plan on contacting my support nurse tomorrow but would be grateful if anyone has any information or advice.Just to be clear I do not use Sugar and keep a close eye on what I eat,this morning I had a sausage sandwich for breakfast and a coffee but my sugars were 18.6 when I checked them an hour later.

Kind regards


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My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and is currently on ibrutnib/venetoclax. He takes the ibrutinib/venetoclax in the morning and the diabetes medications in the evening. One diabetes drug can interfere with ibrutinib if it is taken too close together.

Otherwise, he has had no problems.

Always make sure you have a discussion with your CLL specialist to make sure you have all your bases covered.

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saintjohn in reply to Mystic75

Thank you Mystic75 much appreciated.I take Ibrutinib in the morning but I also have to take my type 2 meds morning and evening,as you say,I need to speak with my specialist to see what I need to do



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Blallen in reply to saintjohn

I’m type 2 diabetic and on imbruvica, I take metformin and levimir twice a day,I also use cbd oil for knee pain and my diabetes, before starting imbruvica my A1C numbers were 8.4 and dropped to 6.2 , and only take my meds half the time from being normal numbers.after starting imbruvica everything has been the same and still taking the cbd oil twice a day. Here is the web site in which I get the 100% cbd oil

Do you normally check your blood sugar an hour after eating? I control my diabetes with diet and exercise and would not be surprised for that to be the highest number possible. Also, sandwich bread is likely to give you higher numbers; have you tested this food before?

Hi saintjohn,

I take ibrutinib. What pushed my borderline diabetes from 6.1 to 7.4 was the addition of prednisone. This was used to control inflammation and (I think) antibodies in the blood. Took metformin and as the prednisone was reduced, so did my blood sugar to about 5.2

Best wishes, Peter

Hey John, I'm also on Metformin and getting ready to start imbruvica this week.

Hello saintjohn,

I wish to know how did you solve this problem? I'm asking this bcz even I'm seeing the same thing. Kindly guide if the culprit is Ibrutinib and how did you resolve it?

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