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Use Mosaic Chromosomal Alterations to ID New Approaches to Preventing CLL?


The large size of this data set allowed us to find many interesting patterns in the data. The biggest surprise was that several subclasses of clonal expansions are actually strongly influenced by inherited genetic variants’


Hope every one is keeping cool here in the UK and where ever else for that matter ! - I have a few ‘google alerts’ set up ( not all CLL :-) So anything that I ‘understand’ and may be of interest to folk I share. Potentially it may have already done the rounds so apologies in advance.

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My maternal gran’ma also “had” CLL

I had asked my doctor early on in my own diagnosis if there was recognized data supporting familia linkage...

This was several years ago, so, at that time, the answer was no

Now, not so much I guess...

S’all good, man...

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