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Thansk for response re South America and Yellow fever risks


Thank you everyone for your most informative answers to my question regarding travelling to South America and the risks for CLL ers and yellow fever.My conclusion is since I am cruising with an good American ship from Argenetina south to Chile Uraguay and back to Chile where it is a colder climate my gut feeling is that mosquitos are not so prevalent there as the climate is not tropical. Besides I have Bushmans insect repellant here in Aus and people who trek africa recommended it to me- it is very strong stuff and is about as strong as you get. I used it in Bali last November and I was fine. My only query where I have conflicting opinions is Iguaza falls. As a pharmacist I am going to try and find someone who deals in tropcial medicines and is a qualified immunologist and will base my conclusions of wether to go to the falls or not. But I am so glad to belong to this forum where you are all so helpful. Cheers Roszika

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I'm not qualified to recommend whether you should go on this trip or not, but if you do you might want to look into a full body mosquito net outfit. They cover everything from head to toe.

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