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Can u help with this question please, ace had dvt problems for 10yrs,thru a blood clot hit my lungs,then 2016 had a brain anyruzum then 2017 results showed a had another positive clot I left leg ,so put on drag in for rest off my life,2018 my spleen wos removed so now have no immune system,3month later a went into prison the doctor there says that there is no need for me to be getting drag in and that it ain't a lifetime medication a tried to stress it was important a get this medication ,he replied no it's a safety issue, now 10 wos on just before a come home my legs started to swell and get sore,straight away my g.p started me back on them 2weeks later my legs are 4times there size all red n as if am on fire,so ended up at hospital yesterday a have a clot in both legs and blood results show a have raised levels off crp and wcc, how dangerous is this for me ? A have strong flucloxacillin and a already get penicillin as that's a longtime med as ave no spleen please can u explain this for me

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Hello Alli1976,

This site is for people with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and we have no experience of thrombosis or anticoagulation issues.

There is a HU site. Try this: healthunlocked.com/acuk

Good luck


Alli, you have posted in a community supporting people with an incurable blood cancer, which you thankfully don't appear to have. We don't have any particular experience in DVT treatment, sorry and our medical issues are impacted by the accompanying impact on our immune systems from our cancer.

I hope you can find support in another community.


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