My neighbour has just had a new hot tub in her garden...she asked me in there today....and thinking it would relax me i went in...we talked and talked and i didnt realise the time..we were in there for 3 hours and when i got out i felt so so weak and shaky,i have also got spinal stenosis which makes me shaky on times. Well i came in and had a shower...felt really weird tbh. Im ok now....but i googled it to see if its ok to use them and they all said no,dont use them as you could get an infection from the hot humid air and the air makes the cancer cells grow faster. Well this has totally freaked me out....im so so worried i may have caused myself problems. I have been on W and W for almost 7 years. Any advise would be appreciated...thank you so much x

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  • I would make sure that you have no open wounds. I'm in the water a lot thats my biggest worry. Clean your self well.

    Best wishes to you and all.

  • Thank you so much for replying. I dont have any open wounds at all. I went straight in the shower when i got in.

  • I was told by my haematologist that swimming in the sea was far safer than in a swimming pool. The bacteria known as cryptosporidium could be present in a pool and lead to infection, especially in immune compromised folk. Cryptosporidium is NOT killed by the chlorine treatment in the pool. I would assume (my personal view only) that Hot tubs and saunas would be equally at risk, although I don't really have a lot of experience with them and am not sure what methods they use to control bacteria etc.

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • Air does not make cancer cells grow faster, total hogwash...

    Speaking of hog washing, hot tubs are not a great place for CLL patients,

    due to the increased risk of infections... as others have mentioned...

    Remember two things bacterial love...moisture and warmth...

    Skip the hot tub... in future, IMHO


  • Regardless of the hot tub risk I think three hours seems a long time to be in hot water. I'm pretty sure I'd end up feeling week and willowy.

    I spent time in Japanese Onsen and public baths last year but never stayed beyond about 45 mins, that was enough for me. I'm also a shower person in general, half hour in the bath is too much for me.


  • Hi Welshlady,

    Hot tub use may be inadvisable for those of us with CLL that have badly compromised immune systems. That's because the warm water environment is an ideal growth environment for bacteria and protozoa, etc, if the tub is not properly maintained i.e. water not replaced or kept clean. I can't see how the humid air in itself could be a concern, other than extending how long any bacteria, protozoa or virus particles (coughed or sneezed out by someone in or near the tub) could survive in the air or on surfaces nearby.

    I can't see how humid air from a hot tub could make any cancer cells grow faster. We have an extremely well designed respiratory system that removes airborne particles via hairs and mucus in our nasal and respiratory passages and warms and humidifies the air before it reaches our lungs. That's why our glasses fog in cold weather when we breathe out!! Any air you breathe when you are in a hot tub or sauna is heated or cooled to near body temperature. Think about it. If you breathe air in and hold your breath, the air in your lungs is going to approach 37C/98.6F and 100% Relative Humidity. So how can it possibly be that humid air makes cancer cells grow faster, when our body automatically makes every breath we take hot and humid?

    You were probably feeling week and shaky from staying in warm water for far longer than usual.

    You say you feel fine now, so your body has obviously regained its equilibrium. If your immunity is still reasonable and/or the hot tub has been well maintained, you'll probably have no further repercussions. The worst that could happen is that you might come down with a respiratory infection within a week or two, in which case see your doctor if you are concerned that your body may need some support to help you recover from a possible bacterial/protozoan infection.


  • Thanks Neil....i read that the humid air could make them grow faster and it scared the hell out of me. Every site i looked at said to avoid hot tubs.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies....i was stupid staying in there so long,i should have known better,i used to go in the bath and feel washed out and weak after 10 mins,we got rid of the bath with shower over and had a walk in shower put in. I dont think i will go in the hot tub again...i am too afraid x

  • We have our own hot tub at home as i have not used swimming pools for years due to catching bugs previously (also bad in public hot tubs).

    My wife regularly checks our tub for water quality & water is changed often.

    The longest we spend at any one time is an hour maximum before i start to feel tired & know i'll struggle to get out.

  • Thank you for replying....i dont think i will use it again,im to scared now,even though it was so relaxing

  • As a former swim coach, 3 hours in a hot tub is way too long for anyone regardless of CLL. The effect on a person's muscles would make them wobbly and the effect on the circulatory system can cause anything from dizziness to heart attack. Yes there is also the increased risk of bacteria, however that being said, I regularly travel to Cuba and enjoy both the pools and the ocean. I prefer the ocean due to the numerous "additions" to the pool water, however, I have personally chosen to continue to live my life as a free person and so far it seems to be working just fine.

  • Hi although I know the risk I enjoy swimming and hot tubs. Isn't this quantity of life just as important as living?.

  • I agree with DocM on this...the time in there was just too long and will have made you shaky. Some years ago we had a jacuzzi bath and it came with instructions not to spend more than 20 mins at any time in it.

    I still use swimming pools abroad but am very careful not to ingest water and tend to change in the hotel room not public areas.

    As for all this hot air bacteria and it allegedly causing cells to multiply hocum, I really wouldn't be worrying welshlady. You had a nice relaxing time but overdid the duration. No harm done but you know now it doesn't agree with you.



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