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CLL Lyrica cramps

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am on Imbruvica for CLL, plus Lyrica for pain.

The Imbruvica has been brilliant.

The downsides from Lyrica seem to have been weight gain (10kg in 12 months), and leg cramps all night. So I recently agreed with my doctor to stop the Lyrica (if you ever do this, do it slowly; I had pretty bad withdrawal for 2 weeks).

Anyway, stopping the Lyrica fixed the cramps but then the pain came back. So I was forced to go back on Lyrica, but now the cramps are back.

Is there a known compromise or alternative?


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Hi, I started taking potassium and magnesium for my leg cramps. Thank

God, I only have leg cramps once in a while. Also, I would get muscle spasms and my fingers would contract, again thank God this is only once in a while now. muscle cramps and muscle spasms are a side effect of the meds. Have been on Ibrutinib since August of 2017 and it has been good for me. Feeling good only a little tired lately. The other problem I have encountered is my finger skin splits and nails peeling. I have found using lanolin and vitamin e oil helping with this problem. There is a lanolin product I purchased at Walmart, it is for nursing mothers for cracking nipples while nursing. It is called Parent's Choice Lanolin Balm. I mix a little lanolin and vit. e together. Has worked wonders for me. Cll dx is a tough road but I'm still here and enjoying every day the best I can. wishing you continued health God Bless


Thanks for that Corkyrissa.


Some people get relief from gaubapentin or tramadol. I don't tolerate either, but you might ask about whether they might be options for you.

Bag Balm is another lanolin based product that has helped many. Comes in a square green tin.


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