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Leg cramps

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I know this has been discussed previously. I've been unable to search the site due to my cellphone and lack of laptop just now.

My husband has successfully been on 2 tablets of IBRUTINIB daily since late September with minimal side effects.

Every so often, he has leg cramps. Sometimes worse than others.

Tonight he had very severe cramps in both legs at the same time.

Is there a supplement that would help ease these cramps?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Discuss this side effect with your medics.

They will advise on possible side effects of supplements or other medication before hand.

Taking any supplements or medication not approved by the medics can be a dangerous thing as more and more drug interactions are being discovered with treatments.

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Thank you so much Cammie.



Many of us have found some cramp relief by taking magnesium. You could check with your doctor about this.

Ah - just as I went to submit this, my phone started playing the alarm for my Ibrutinib. Gulp!

I have not begun treatment, but it may not be far off. However, watch your magnesium intake. Can be bad for kidneys if taking too much. Carole

I've been taking 140mg (3 tablets per day) Ibrutinib per day since April 2, 2017. I experienced a lot of the initial side effects and they went away. I will admit that I'm a slow boat in the AM hours so my productive work schedule has shifted to 10 AM to 6 PM. I rarely take a lunch break so my hours of work are consistent. As a result of this disease I have significantly reduced my public appearances and reduced my number of trips to other cities for workshops and conferences..

While on Ibrutinib my wife had terrible leg cramps. Drink PLENTY of water. OTC 400mg magnesium tablets seemed to help a little (ask your doctor first). She found the most relief by using a Medimassager (https://smile.amazon.com/MedMassager-MMF06-Speed-Foot-Massager/dp/B004IF89MY/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1512902281&sr=8-1&keywords=medimassager)

I know this is weird but it does work.. Meds (and life) tend to reduce the amount of Magnesium in the body. MUSTARD contains a fair amount of magnesium. Try a teaspoon of mustard (any brand - pick your favorite), and swallow it. Doesn't taste great but it WORKS. Cramps should reduce in about 5-10 minutes. Wife and I both use it so we can sleep better, and be more active. No side effects, and does not interfere with any meds.

Let me know how you are doing. Happy (less cramps) holidays

Thank you so much. That may be why he pours huge amounts of mustard on a sandwich sometimes.

Blessings to you and your wife.


Thank you. Our bodies can tell us what we need. Sometimes we only need to listen. Be well

I had leg cramps (mostly in my calf muscles) long before CLL. Terrible cramps and muscle spasms enough to take my breath away.....I read somewhere it came from dehydration and electrolyte issues...I started drinking gatoraid and have not had a leg cramp in over 10 years...

Scott US/Maine

Thank you Scott

Farrpottery USMS

Thank you so much he has tried Gatorade the last two nights following his Ibrutinib and so far no more leg cramps.

Keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers.


Tart cherry juice mixed in a glass of water seems to help general aches and pains. Since the daily serving is one cup, a quart goes fast. We ordered concentrated juice online as a more convenient option since the daily serving is 2 tablespoonfuls. Mixed in a glass of water gets you hydrated too.


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Thank you so much.


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You are welcome πŸ™πŸ»

1. Magnesium tab each day - just one tab should be enough.

2. Hydration - especially if you have had alcohol.

3. Leg stretches and exercise (eg knee bends) for just 5 mins immediately before bed.

I have followed this regime for 3 months now and average about 1 cramp per week against about 15 per week previously... for about 20 years! Life changing!

Good luck


Thank you so much.

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