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I am sorry it has taken so long to say thank you for all the support you gave me when I lost by beloved Colin. It is hard to believe he has been gone four weeks. Your messages ment so much when I felt so alone with out him. So I want to say Happy Easter to you all. May all your problems be little ones. Don`t forget to stay positive and take one day at a time. Keep well. Loads of hugs to you all. Pat

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Lovely of you to come back and thank everyone Pat. Hope you’re coping as well as possible and remember you’re still very much part of this little supportive ‘family’ of CLL’ers and their supporters.

Take care,


We love you Pat! Do take care of yourself! Give yourself little things to look forward too. Thanks for coming back!


Pat, he remains in your heart and you will always be welcome in the friends club

Take care

UK Sparky

Hope you are ok Pat. Look after yourself.


My condolences at your loss, Pat.

I am just beginning to make sense of what a shortened future with my husband may mean...

As a past caregiver, I am sure you have lots to share that could help others cope. So if you find it helpful and want to, I hope you continue to participate in the group.

Take care....

So sorry for your loss. Take care.

Thank you Pat. Look after yourself.


So sorry for you loss Pat. Be kind to yourself and keep coming back here for support whenever you feel the need. You are a part of us.


I am sure holidays are hard without your precious husband. May the comfort of this special day and your memories aid in your journey. Please post bits of advice.....this is something we all face and I am sure your knowledge could aid others.

Thinking of you and yours and sending love from Ohio. Your Colin must have been a wonderful man to be remembered with such great affection. What a gift it must have been to him to be so well loved in life. Prayers and comfort to you. You will make it, Pat. The depth of your love shows your great strength, and Colin's spirit is rooting for you....

Take care of yourself pat sending lots of love

Thank you, Pat, for stopping by. It is easy to feel the love you are sending this way. What a benefit it must have been for Colin to have you by his side.



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