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48 months after last FCR Treatment!

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For almost four years I finished my 6th cycle of FCR. Afterwards my blood showed MRD neg.

my blood counts improved rapidly after treatment and all the years my counts were excellent. My condition and health feeling was great, sometimes better than before treatment. Doing much gym and walking in fresh air I am glad to nearly forgot the desease.

Although after 15 months MRD was 0,1% is kept stable ober the time. Last number in 2/2018 was 0,6%, but was told, that under 0,7, the messurement can never be exact!

Latest Leuco 7,8, Ery 5,3, HB 15,8, platelets 175.000, all othet in normal range.

Helper t cells, nk cells and b cells in normal range. IgG 660, IgA and IgM normal.

Scan showed no lymph knotes.

All in all, as an unmutated (cd38 -) and Trisomie 12 patient, I am more than happy about the outcome.


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Great news Seoul and shows FCR is an effective treatment option

Great news glad to hear it enjoy.


So Happy for you!!!! I had one treatment to FCR and had a reaction. I was so disappointed as the first treatment worked so well with decreasing all my lymph nodes and my numbers. I am now on imbrivica. I am also trisomy 12.. I wish for years and years of good health for you!

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So pleased for you, long may it continue!

Well done Seoul! Happy for you!

Just what I needed to read thank you for sharing and here's to 48 months more x

Seoul - Nice to see continued good reports!

That's great news Seoul, wishing you a long lasting, hopefully permanent remission, Terry

Super. I hope to achieve 48 months or more. Long may you stay treatment free.

So happy for you. Any side effects post FCR?

That is awesome! As someone in the middle of treatment it is Wonderful tonhear about success! May it continue forever!

Any side effects? Did you have 6 months of FCR?

Yes, 6 months from 10/2013 till 4/2014. no real side effects, all manageable. Last 3 cycles with only 75 %. After 3 cycles Mrd neg.

How are you doing these days? Still holding up?

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seoul in reply to Seznam

Yes in 1/2020 still everything ok. I still feel pretty well. Blood work all green. No side effects whatsoever.

FCR treatment 10/13 - 04/14!

Almost six years.

Great news! I am one year post FCR, but had to stop after four cycles. I'm in remission though and hope that we both get many more years of it.


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seoul in reply to noeagaman

I am still feeling pretty well. Now 1/2020 after almost 6years finished FCR!

Blood work still green.

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