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CLL SLL Support Group Meetings USA

For USA patients and caregivers that would like to meet others in person, the CLL Society has organized support group meetings in many major US cities, see:

Here is the one I will attend next Sunday March 11 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

New York City CLL Support Group

The CLL Society invites you to our CLL patient and caregiver support group sponsored by the CLL Society Support & Education Network. We will meet on the second Sunday of the month at 3pm unless otherwise indicated.


We will be meeting at 1305 York Ave, New York, NY (Manhattan- South West corner of East 70th St. & York Ave) The only modern glass office building that does NOT look like a hospital building in the area.

Weill Cornell Medicine/ NY Presbyterian Security will be monitoring all entrances to the large open main lobby 1st floor, and will request display of a picture ID.

Participants should mention to the guards they are attending the CLL Society Support Group meeting on the 2nd floor- Patient Resource Center & Library – (normally closed on Sunday, but we have permission to use it) and then go up the escalator (probably not moving on Sunday) or the elevator to 2nd floor – open central space. There are directional signs to the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center.

You can view the brochure here:

RSVP to Nolan at 212-397-4822 or and provide your name and number of attendees.

We look forward to seeing you!


Click on my name icon and send me a "Message" if you have questions.


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